philosophizing behind the wheel

Jonathan Caswell:


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i am



there is



driving me

to move





my point


driving a car is a hell of a lot easier than driving one’s life





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Paris Journeys~ All I Know

Jonathan Caswell:


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20140722-063109 pm-66669101.jpg
When there are times
I can see and everything intensely,
Inspired, to write with closed eyes,
It’s to give, a part of my soul to the
I have so much things to believe in not unaware of it,
To the devotion of him
And the Earth,
Like the existential question,
What is the most important thing on Earth; Happiness, love and bliss,
All these words so soft that we seek so hard,
All these things which are so subjective,
And essential to life,
These words, these things,
I seek after, making life better
While hoping to catch up one day, landing this call of love,
Who from the depths of my soul is released,
To the one that knows
All that I want him to know.

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In These Arms


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Locust trees dropping ants

On heads may trigger rants…

Layered vaseline

Around the trunk has been

Standard for avoiding the chance!

–Jonathan Caswell

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WHY LORD, WHY?…by Carl Gooch


Why Lord, Why

Do tears fill my eyes?

Why Lord, Why

Must your children cry?


I look to my left

And violence I see…

Look to the right

Wondering how can this be?


Why Lord, Why

Can’t you hear my sighs?

Why Lord, Why

Must your children cry?


Evil surrounds me

Trying to pull me down…

The wicked attack fiercely–

Where is my hope found?


Why Lord, Why

Have you heard my cries?

Why Lord, Why

Have you dried my eyes?


You came from above

To rescue me…

You showed me love

And set me free

But why Lord???

Why me?

Carl A. Gooch 15 July 2014

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Wast was the love that God did show

When His Son was sent to us here below…

He sent Him to pay sin’s great price,

The Lamb of God–our sacrifice.


They beat and nailed Him to a tree,

Scorned by the world for all to see…

With all the mercy that was in Him

He cried, “Father…forgive them!”


For my sins He took my place

That I may no longer live disgrace…

I can look any man in the eye,

I’m now a son of God Most High!


My Lord and God has called me His own,

He loves me and I’ll never be alone…

When troubles visit me for a while

He gives me strength to wear a smile!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 21 July 2014

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Oahu’s Chinatown Cruise

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[gallery type="slideshow" ids="19274,19275,19276,19277,19278,19279,19280,19281,19282,19283,19284,19285,19286,19287,19288,19289,19290,19291,19292,19293,19294,19295,19296,19297,19298,19299,19300,19301,19302,19303"] Oahu’s Chinatown is one of the oldest established in the United States. There is a lot of variety in this 15 block area located in downtown Honolulu. It is a melting…

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