Example of Genesis 38 with Teaching Hard Parts of Narratives in the Bible — The Domain for Truth

A few months ago I wrote a post titled “Teaching Hard Parts of Narratives in the Bible: Examples from Genesis.” I know there are some hard passages in the Bible that makes some wonder “What’s going on?” and even “Why is it in the BIble?” Yesterday I had a conversation with someone about the difficult parts […]

Example of Genesis 38 with Teaching Hard Parts of Narratives in the Bible — The Domain for Truth

Maula, mere maula {God, my God}



This song is an extremely melodious song{that I highly recommend} and was a hit when it was released in 2007. It played so often on the radio. It was such a romantic song to dedicate to someone. It transports me to a time when my youthful eyes accommodated unicorns and fairies. Wisdom was nigh; but infatuation drew the curtains. Innocent days, juvenile ways!

Today, this song is more spiritual to me. It’s one song that stirs up my spirit, body and soul all at once, resonating with all of my beliefs at the same time. I believe every religion is deeply rooted in love and humanity. That is the first commandment and principle that we must strive to perfect before we begin to debate about any other tenets. And if we perfect ‘love’, there won’t be any argument, any way!

I have divided my poem{inspired by the song} into 3…

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One Day You… {Ek Din Aap}


This song is from a rather old movie that was released in 1997 starring Shah Rukh and Juhi Chawla. I’ve had the pleasure of serving them many times during my flying days. They’re both so adorable. Juhi was so warm, humble, and pleasant. Shah Rukh Khan, of course, has a special place in my heart with all those romantic movies he’s starred in. Who doesn’t want a real-life Shah Rukh! My poem was inspired by this lovely song that I’ve embedded below.

One Day You…. – poem by Ruelha

Who knew, we'd meet like this? When I look back and reminisce, I never imagined such things could happen. Romancing purity like a genuine chaplain. Flowers and only flowers are blooming in my path. Just like the tall bouquet stuck in my heart. And when I close my eyes, everything seems fragrant. As if you were right before me, at this…

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living IN the moment vs living FOR the moment



When people tell you to forget about tomorrow And to live your life carefree without sorrow do you think they're like the stupid grasshopper? Who will not have food in winter to devour! Yet you see those who live carefree unperturbed by the bothers of reality And they are the ones who seem happy. When the rest of the world is burdened with worry. So am I suggesting you splurge your life savings and forget tomorrow? And then with a begging bowl go around looking to borrow! Of course not! There is something called 'balance'. Although maintaining that for some, is quite the challenge! Have you really understood the difference that preposition brings? 'Living in the moment' is all about detachment from strings. Savour each moment and let your inner being delve into the present. Without anxiety of the future or in past burdens to ferment. It's about having the…

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A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

My Dad always told me that you should always leave fallen fruit on the ground as that is what happens and it’s what’s best for nature. The only exception would be if the fruit landed on a cricket pitch. The pesky fruit should be immediately removed and the precious pitch should be immediately hoovered and ironed. Clearly cricket comes before nature. This is Yorkshire….

As our garden is nothing like an immaculately cut cricket strip then fruit is left on the ground. Clearly this is what’s best.

This weeks feels like an ‘enjoy the garden’ type of week.

It feels like another self imposed lockdown here in our little part of the world. Reports of petrol stations in the area out of fuel or when they do get a deliver, huge queues immediately forming. Tanker drivers are reporting being followed by cars waiting for them to deliver somewhere. I thought…

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When pain becomes chronic …


No Half Measures


It’s such a short word that encompasses so many things. Before Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), I’d experienced some amount of pain. I got into a few car accidents. Dislocated a wrist. I’d had braces, twice, along with some dental surgery. When no longer very young, I had two c-sections and a 26 hour labor before getting said c-section, not to mention the two pregnancies and four years of breastfeeding and pumping.

And none of that prepared me for the pain that I now live with 24/7.

Each of the types of pain I’d encountered in the past had a beginning, middle and an end. While some of the birthing pains I experienced (back labor is particularly painful) were pretty eye-watering, the labor did come to an end. Yes, I have some twinges every now and again in that wrist I dislocated long ago, but nothing significant.


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Bulgărașul de zăpadă (6)


Erau timpuri când toate gospodăriile respectabile aveau câine în curte, ziua legat pe lanț, iar noaptea lăsat liber pentru pază. Vecinii puteau intra liniștiți, fiindcă patrupedele cunoșteau cine era bine primit de stăpâni, dar străinii băteau temători în poartă și așteptau să le iasă gazda în întâmpinare. Să ai un câine ascultător și deștept era una din calitățile cele mai apreciate de cei care-ți intrau pe proprietate, iar lui Lăbuș i-a mers vestea în această privință. Băiețelul lui nea Ștefan, Aurel, a fost cel care l-a ales de mic, dintre mai mulți cățeluși ai unui vecin, și a făcut-o atunci când puiuțul i-a întins laba ca un salut. De aici i-a venit și ideea pentru numele prietenului de nedespărțit, așa cum a dovedit viitorul

Aurel își petrecea aproape tot timpul liber jucându-se cu Lăbuș și învățându-l cu răbdare ce credea că-i va impresiona pe colegi, pe vecini și pe părinții…

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Lavandă și dantelă veche

ore de drum

Gourdon, 2021

Ca să deslușesc primele semne ale toamnei, mă îndepărtez de țărmul mării unde palmierii indică, impersonal, unul și același anotimp.

Aleg un cătun cocoțat pe o stâncă abruptă la o altitudine de cinci sute de metri care domină sălbaticele cheiuri ale râului Loup,

de unde priveliștea asupra Alpilor de sud și a Mediteranei este cuprinzătoare.

Cu o faimă considerabilă în regiune, originea așezării a fost atestată încă din antichitatea târzie.

La fel ca majoritatea satelor de pe Coasta de Azur construite pe culmi, Gourdon a fost teatrul multor conflicte și, în consecință, în secolul 15 îl regăsim complet distrus,

dar miraculos reconstruit de la zero un secol mai târziu, cu excepția bisericii din epoca romană, refăcută în secolul 17.

Multe din potecile prin care micile comunități comunicau între ele în acele vremuri străbat și acum costișele.

Sezonul de vârf s-a încheiat și intersectez turiști rari, pasionați de istorie…

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