Want to stay for talking,

but it’s time for walking…

back to the room

To cook up lunch soon!\

Been sitting too long–need some walking!

Jonathan Caswell

(Iater, ‘Gators”)



Been away for a while,

Nothing to produce a smile…

Right leg pain

Suddenly came,

Which really cramped his style!

It could have been a number of things—the Parkinson’s, my being overweight, straining muscles by opting to use the stairs once, or sitting too long….? Whatever it is/was, the right leg suddenly developed severe pain along the whole leg, both sides of the leg. The left leg mirrored some of this! A group of professionals “ganGed up on me” and convinced me to go to the E.R. this past Friday. Was advised to check with my neurologist on Monday. But can I drive still—gonna see this pm. If not, we have some major adjustments to make! 😀 A big part is just fearing that it’s “all down hill from here!”

Jonathan Caswell


Back from Stygian darkness,

And pain from which he parkest…

Able to see

beyond himself free,

Into the light from darkness.

Not sure really how it happened,

That sudden increased handicapping…


At standing, in short,

Half an hour length of his napping!

Leg muscles became rather tense,

Sensation from this immense…

Didn’t dare drive

(Will today take the dive),

Do you think that makes any sense?

Have to present a script

and prescription—the pain to ease it—

Muscle relaxing

for sleep less taxing,

but for daytime better not use it!

Is his Parkinson’s growing (?),

Needs to call his neurologist before knowing…

Out of the dark

He finds spark,

Time to get himself going! 😀

Jonathan Caswell

….Today…I stop…to appreciate….

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


……….In the race….
…………..of life……….
…we can seldom stop…..
………to appreciate…..
………..the people……….
..who make a difference…
…………in our lives…

………..I’ve stopped..
……..to say thank you……
…………for being you….
………..You are special…..

Text & image source: Whispers https://www.facebook.com/108030962700575/

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#1264 About depression


Cicco Lady

(here is the full post what i did before in separate 4 part)

I have met many people here who have, or are still struggling with it, that’s why I decided to talk about it some more.

Bad moods can come very fast and can leave as fast as they came, but sometimes a bad mood will decide to stay. When it stays too long it may make you worry and stress can turn to panic attacks and that can have a big effect on your physical health.

You can end up with a lack of energy and not being able to think clearly. You may feel guilty and you don’t want to talk to anyone around you and staying in bed looks like the right thing to do at that moment. I can talk about it easily because as I already mentioned in my other posts, I have had…

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Mental health 3 PART


Cicco Lady

I have found that many teenagers, or even adults, don’t want to go see a psychologist or psychotherapist. When someone asks them why don’t they want to go, the answer is, I’m not crazy. I’m just stressed and depressed. But it’s the same if we are going to see our orthopedist, or any other doctor. I can understand that it’s not easy to open up and talk to a stranger. But we are willing to open up such private parts for a gynecologist/urologist and we think it’s a normal thing to do.

I believe that it’s not easy to talk about our problems and anxiety, especially if something big has happened. For example, if a mother has lost a child, or a husband lost his wife in a car accident. This kind of situation is very painful, and to remember every detail can bring back even more pain. But I…

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