A Heart to Give…by Carl Gooch

A Heart To Give

There is a home waiting,
For all who bears Jesus’ name.
We see our brothers suffering
And recall He has done the same.

Streets run red with martyrs’ blood
And young men cry in the night.
But Christ has washed them clean
And turned their darkness into light.

The Lord has revealed to all,
To be saved there is only one.
He alone forgave from the cross
Our salvation is in God’s Son.

We see the pain of today
But we are free from those chains.
Christ has paid sins high price
And cleanse our guilty stains.

Brothers we are of royal blood,
God’s word is how we should live
Loving our neighbors as ourselves
We have two hands to serve,
And a heart to give.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 June 2017


His shakiness increased,

Didn’t have much to eat…

A protein bar

He found so far.

His necessary treat1

With blood sugars dipping low,

He really should test to know…

Exactly how far

Down we are,

His “118” getting low!

–Jonathan Caswell


A Brand New Start…by Carl Gooch

A Brand New Start
In those times when you’re lost and alone,
Feeling like the darkness is all that you own?
You can’t even say what you’re going through,
If it’s real or imagined it’s still real to you.
Life gets hard when that cold wind blows,
The doubts and feelings you try not to show.
There’s hope if you’re trapped feeling this way
God gave us His Spirit, call on Him today.
God promised He’d never leave us alone,
So Jesus came from His heavenly throne.
Bringing sinners salvation, to save our soul
He takes all the pieces and makes us whole.
Only He can change your despair to peace,
So turn to Jesus for your hearts release.
He forgives any sin you may have committed;
For all the wrong you’ve done you are acquitted.
God’s great gift will mend your heart
Give you a new life, a brand new start.
He’ll wrap you in His love and you will know,
He is with you forever wherever you go.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 June 2017