Computer’s running hot,

The idea file is not…

We talked about love

And working above

Distractions that help us not.


Applauded young ones learned,

Who wisdom have discern-ed…

Blog comparing

And then sharing,

To wisdom our hearts returneth!

Praise God for wisdom to share,

His glory awaits us here…

I give Him praise

For wisdom raised,

No good from His children He spares!

–Jonathan Caswell

The Secrets Freelancers Use To Stay Focused



Staying focused as a freelancer is hard work. There can be all kinds of distractions at home, and even if there isn’t, you can still find yourself flicking through the TV channels, eating everything in site, and generally not doing anything. These are the secrets freelancers use to stay focused!

Exercise In The Morning

Exercising in the morning will wake you up, as well as release endorphins for the day. You’ll feel much happier doing your work, and you’ll likely get much less stressed out.


Meditation trains the brain, and it can also train you to stay focused on one task. Download an app to help you.

Take A Cold Shower

Cold showers can wake you up instantly and help you feel ready to tackle the day. They’re not nice while you’re in them, but you’ll feel great afterwards.

Block Sites From Your Computer

Always on Facebook? Checking the…

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A young blogger new to me,

Showed she learned what many don’t see…

Learn wisdom now

Let behavior bow,

To wise management naturally!

–Jonathan Caswell’-

May the God of all wisdom bless, keep and grow her up into a wonderful woman!  🙂

Finding Balance and Staying Motivated



This past semester was very difficult for me. I was struggling to keep my head above the ocean of schoolwork while being in treatment for an eating disorder and working part time. I found it difficult to stay motivated when I was so anxious and stressed all the time. But I found my way out of the woods and managed to keep my grades up, maintain my amazing friendships, and get my health under control. So I thought I would share a few tips I have learned about living the best life you can.

  1. Organize your thoughts, whether that is making lists, writing in a journal, setting reminders on your phone or marking up your planner. Being a very anxious person, my head is constantly swimming with things I need to get done or people I need to speak with or things I need to buy. It can be difficult…

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Haul and Try On



It is 90 degrees everyday here in Charleston and, being from Chicago, was not prepared for the heat. more than half my wardrobe is composed of sweaters and pants. So I needed to pick up some pieces that I could wear in the heat of summer in Charleston. I figured I would try them on and let y’all know where I got them! Keep in mind I didn’t buy all of these at once, but I have collected them through the past month or so. Click the photos linked to where you can get these and similar pieces!


The first thing I focused on were shorts. I needed some shorts that fit me properly and were fun so I picked these up from Francesca’s. I loved the contrast of the seersucker fabric and the warmer hued embroidery. Plus they are super light and comfy.


Again in the shorts category, I…

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A Life Turned Around


Passionately His

Saul the Pharisee was a nasty guy, as far as the early Christians were concerned.  But he had an encounter with the risen Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus, and his life was turned around.  How does this apply to us?  Listen to this message based on Acts 9.1-31, or catch the public Facebook feed below.

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