Who will stand with God,

Of His righteousness be awed…

Who will stand

Defending this land,

As the Coptic Christians have trod?

If persecuted will you die,

willingly to poke Satan’s eye…

Believers paying

With their lives and praying,

God’s rewards are waiting on high.

STAND—be courageous yet,

Thy salvation don’t forget…

Christ paid for all–

Answer His call–

Rescue His little ones from death!

Why do you wait …for a sign?

March forward to the front line…

Not in your strength

You’ll go the length,

Your soul to your Savior consign.

We battle not with fleshly means,

Although by them our enemy weans…

Many off Christ

By artifice,

Till the lake of fire too many lean.

Stand firm in Christ alone,

Put off no armor at home…

Always be ready

Watchful and steady,

Till Christ has taken you Home!

–Jonathan Caswell

There are many, many Bible references throughout this poem.  Now go and learn!

Stand Firm

MY DEAR SISTER IN CHRIST…I have found a concordance to be ideal for biblical word studies. Let us stand firm against the wiles of the Devil—as you are saying. reach out, under guidance, to disciple others around you! Praying for God’s wisdom–which He will give abundantly to those who ask—that is promised to us in His word! stand firm and watch–and see God’s glory appear! 🙂

Hope For Today

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Make thine heart be still,

According to God’s will…

Beauty passes

So do lasses,

So do those giant phone bills!

Once married, be still,

But pray every day at will…

Marriage is work

But worth every perk,

Promise Mom you will.

Women are gentle but tough,

While we are rugged–too rough…

Open wide

What you are inside

(Although it’s never enough!).

Determine to love more than sex,

But in a man’s priority that’s next (!)…

Learn to treasure

Her by all measures,

(Which in the beginning, might leave her perplexed)!

She is your garden’s jewel,

Above all–don’t be cruel–

Nuture and wash

Her with panache,

Nor are you her mule!

Enjoy marriage lustily,

There’ll come times when this can’t be…

Make love sound

By laying thyself down,

As Christ did for thee!

—-Jonathan Caswell

Diana and I will have been married 28 years, this June third.

Rainy Day Stripes


Jackie Tara

Jackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day Stripes

Happy third week of June! I seriously don’t know where summer came from, but it started with a bang and is here to stay for a while. (I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing a trend here with the start of new seasons). I know I know, summer doesn’t technically start until June 20, but 80-degree days and thick humidity is summer in my book.

We’ve had a few rainy days sprinkled in with our more well-loved sunny days, so I’ve been grabbing my trusty parka on the way out the door a lot lately. Out the door to where, you ask? Well, honestly no where super exciting, but you can imagine me running off to catch a flight to Paris or Iceland. I’m so happy I bought this thing a couple years ago from Zara – it’s relatively light so I can even wear it in warmer weather over a colorful…

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Copp Family Portrait Session


Jackie Tara

I was so fortunate to take some portraits of the Copp family a couple weekends ago, on a gorgeous November afternoon at Green Hill Winery. The venue was absolutely beautiful and we picked the perfect day to catch Virginia’s fall foliage in its prime! This family is full of warmth, silliness, and fun, which was such a pleasure to photograph.


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Comfy in Nike Sneaks


Jackie Tara

I think we are all ready for spring right about now, but in the meantime I’m happy to stay comfy and cozy – my two favorite words this time of year – both indoors and out.

Ever since I switched jobs and we added Luna to our family last fall, my exercise routine [oh heck, my whole life routine!] has completely flipped upside down. I used to be an avid Bar Method goer, taking class 3-4 days per week before work in Tysons, but with shifted work hours and a pup at home I’m lucky to visit the studio once a week. Now, between classes, my exercise mainly consists of long walks with Luna.

I really can’t complain about my new “routine”: I get a little workout in while enjoying the outdoors and spending time with my favorite pooch. I actually look forward to our morning walks because I can just live…

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Lovely In Lace


8EAD8287-97C4-4E27-808C-6FC6E9EBFB8DHappy Monday! My hubby is starting week 3 of Ob/Gyn.  He has been working nights, so I have barely seen him this week. As hard as it is to not have a “normal” marriage right now, I am so thankful because Jake finally graduates in less than a year now! I know residency will not be all fun and games, but we’re both so ready for school to be over.

One of my favorite things I cannot get enough of lately is lace. I am constantly finding myself drawn to lace dresses. If you follow me onInstagram, you may have noticed I’ve worn several lace dresses this spring. I wanted to do a round up and share my 3 favorite lace dresses I have bought this season. These are all still available and I LOVE them.

Hollow Out Fit & Flare Lace Cami Dress

IMG_1467Dress:Here, Red Version

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