Believe God!

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

It is time to leave unbelief and doubt behind you. Believe that God will do all that he has promised. He is healing you, as you cry, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief.” Nothing is too hard for God. He is your help, no matter what the test or trial. He loves you. Trust, rely and put your confidence in him. 

Jesus said to him, “What do you mean ‘if’? If you are able to believe, all things are possible to the believer.” When he heard this, the boy’s father cried out with tears, saying, “I do believe, Lord; help my little faith!”  (Mark 9:23-24 TPT)

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So I have let go…



Taking responsibility is great until it becomes crippling to your relationship with yourself. Always taking the blame to avoid conflict, putting yourself in a hard spot to just to make others comfortable because you can handle it. Constantly believing that you can beat the odds and always always trying your very best. Your best is never enough because you have to give more that you are willing to give. NEVER WANTING TO BELIEVE YOU ARE A VICTIM, even when you are at times, no I must take responsibility and work on it. If I do wrong and apologize, the apology isn’t enough. I have to bend over backwards to fix things. I have to go above and beyond to make things right, yet I accept apologies that were never given. Tear myself apart working and when I do make it, that victory is not for me to enjoy.

I don’t…

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Notes on Days and Nights with Motor Vehicles

Royce Deans

I remember riding my motorcycle on a summer day, and getting caught in a downpour.
I had been rain-soaked to the bone a number of times before, but this day was singularly unique; the rain drops hit my chest so hard they seemed to pass right through me.
If I had it to do all over again I would have to since I could not have had any idea it was going to rain. Not that day. Not that hard anyway.

I’ve forgotten the day I was born. But I remember a scoutmaster that used to hypnotize us.
He told us that, while under, it was possible to rewatch a movie we’d seen before in a matter of seconds.
I wanted to see “Grand Prix” again, starring James Garner.
My scoutmaster was right, I saw the entire film in vivid technicolor while under his spell.
In hindsight, that…

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The Jazz Age

YOWZA, YOWZA-!!!!!!!! 😀

Art Gowns

Dahlings! Rene Rosso here, welcome to the Jazz Age!

Defined by writers, performers and artists of the time such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker and Thomas Hart Benton, it was more than a Gatsby, Paris or New York moment. So let’s get the full string of beads from our glorious Art Director, Rebecca Budd.

Thank you, Rene! We know the Flapper dress was the cat’s meow and the Charleston was the hoofer’s delight. Still, we should acknowledge that Vionnet and Chanel were the first designers to get rid of the corset, defining the silhouette of the era. Palazzo pants made their debut, and the cloche hat was the keenest.

Here to show you what gowns were all about are the Art Gowns Models! First out on the catwalk is Gigi. Gigi wears a hand painted silk georgette dress, with asymmetric tiers, accentuated by hand rolled satin rattail. 

AGM Marina…

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Cave People


House of Heart

In my nest of stones I have not slept. Upstairs the neighbors fight over how best to spend their time as it  slips silently through the space between their fingers.   As the last grains fall it seems reasonable to be present for those hours remaining.  The windows are dark in the flat  across the way   but for a lamp shrouded in a rose colored scarf.  Stirred by the sound of an ocean breeze I imagine I am a pale warrior charged with the safety of sleeping birds as a cat passes casually by, eyeing them from a wire fence.  At last when  dawn  climbs above the ocean, deep amber radiates the shore,  the color of my lover’s eyes when aroused.  Those subtle  hues of gold  that glint and sparkle in my half empty glass.  I spend my  night rearranging decaying books,  drifting down smoke filled halls,  pillaging my mind…

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The Lightening bug

Not long before, I was missing positivity in my life. I had become pessimistic as most people would say. Bang! And one fine day, I became COVID positive along with my roommate. Well, we are a dynamic duo- always together; together we fall and rise, we don’t. What’s fun in that? More than half of my batch is positive at present. Too much positivity, you see!

Life has become isolated now. Lots of time at my disposal and I choose to curl at one corner of bed, enjoying the sleep and watching series. I get to drink coffee and eat food on my bed. Some perks of the virus! I don’t need to hide away from people anymore, they do. That’s my biggest flex for now!

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On the phone
His sepia smile
The timbre of his voice

In the sunshine of forgetfulness
I look for nature’s colourful cursive footnotes
Stash my pocket with wildflowers
A flower for each moment I miss you
Together we smile and sky write into the cosmos
You live beyond us
Into eternity

I trace a poem into my heart.

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