HEBREWS 10:25….poetry by Carl Gooch

Coming Closer

Hebrews 10:25

(not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.)

Let us continue to meet together, that we may encourage and strengthen one another. Especially as we see the end drawing close.

Brothers, we know where we are going;

For we know Christ, His love is showing.

The curtain of darkness has been lifted

Revealing His forgiveness to us is gifted.

For what Christ suffered and endured,

We can know that our faith is assured.

Our evil hearts purged and made pure;

His grace and mercy steadfast and sure.

We no longer in darkness fumble and grope,

But stand unwavering confessing our hope.

Let us help each other to point to God above,

Telling everyone of His wondrous love.

Draw close and strengthen each other,

Come together encouraging our brothers.

As we see the world spinning into a blur,

And we can see that the end coming closer.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 July 2015

Minority Report

Jonathan Caswell:


Originally posted on Gin of a Ginger:

Dearest Readers, I invite you to join me for a fireside chat as we discuss the meaning of life and the trivials of life over many bottles of Gin throughout our time together.

It will certainly be viewed by others to be just chalk-full of meaningless tangents that have no valuable application. In all honesty, that likely will be true-if I were to ever give a damn about the criticisms of others. Yes, I used to care a lot about what others thought of me, but with numerous scientific studies predicting natural selection eliminating my sub-race of homo sapiens, I frankly just don’t have time to give a fuck.

This little blog was created with the intention of chronicling the thoughts, viewpoints, and mindless rambling tangents of a man who knows that one day the only way to replicate my skin complexion will be through artificial means. I feel like this gives me an unique…

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Intent on her belly dance,

The crowd of men entranced…

Her hip swing great

Mezmerizing breast shake,

All were feeding from her hands!

The tinkle bells jingled along

As the record player blared a song…

Exotic and sweet

Padding of feet,

Dome wags tried dancing along.

At the end of her show, eyes runny,

Men filled her bra with money…

Not all would stay in,

They made out like Flynn

Their day in the park turned out sunny.

–Jonathan Caswell

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Lilly and Myrtle

Jonathan Caswell:


Originally posted on ephemeral life:

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Lilly and Myrtle, so I stopped at the farm on Friday and visited them for a few minutes. They are both doing fine.

Myrtle is growing quickly and is now taller than the grass in the pasture. Still, she has plenty of young kid in her. When given the chance, she bolts and runs huge circles through the tall grass, though never too far from Lilly.

Have a great day folks.

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