Prophetic Word Of The New

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

When you are in divine alignment, everything set against you by the enemy, you will see it fall powerless to the ground.

Quiet yourself—spirit before him, and listen to Yahweh. Please do not miss the moment that I will create for you. Seek Me for what I want you to change, amend, refrain from, and embrace. If you want to hear my Voice, then you should take the time to listen.

Simply praise Me, Worship Me. If you will praise me. I will slay your enemies

Although things are flowing like they have never flowed before and things are going like they have never gone before, I am in the midst. I am in the midst of her, my ecclesia (called out ones), my Israel, my remnant chosen ones, the church. I am still here for you. I still reign upon the throne but I need your…

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Embrace New Changes

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

The season in which we find ourselves is one of change. No longer business as usual, treading well-worn paths and living in the status quo. Instead we experience new challenges in new unfamiliar settings with new relationships. Life, as we knew it, is gone. We are going over to the other side of the mountain to live, in an unfamiliar setting, where God is in control not us.

God tells us to let the past go and not to hang on to old victories, ways of thinking, grudges, and habits. He is doing something new and it requires letting go of toxic thought patterns, unforgiveness, regrets and living the familiar comfortable way. No longer coping as a survivor, but thriving in abundant life. When you let it all go, there is room for new relationships, new life in unfamiliar places and blessings you could not imagine. It…

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Believe In Me


Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross


I’ve already seen it DONE
Simply believe in Me
Like I believe in You

Daddy God

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We stand in the center of our own circle.


    “We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life.”
    ~ Pema Chodron



    Image: unknown

            Text and image source: Jain 108 Academy

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            Joy and the Psalms – Presence — The Noontimes

            I SAY…REJOICE!!!!!!!!! OUR KING IS COMING!!!!!!


            First Sunday of Advent, November 28, 2021 Joy and the Psalms Presence The Book of Psalms calls us to praise God and these hymns created millennia ago still resonate with us as we ask for God’s help and intercession, bless and honor God’s name, mourn our losses and rejoice in our understanding of God’s goodness. […]

            Joy and the Psalms – Presence — The Noontimes

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            Joy and Psalms 20, 30, 46 & 48 – Power — The Noontimes



            Tuesday, November 30, 2021 Joy and the Psalms Power The Book of Psalms calls us to praise God and during this first week of Advent we will focus on the power of the psalms in a number of ways: to connect us with God as sisters and brothers in Christ, to give us a healing pathway […]

            Joy and Psalms 20, 30, 46 & 48 – Power — The Noontimes

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            Life: a series of spontaneous changes

            “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them — that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” — Lao Tzu

            I have noticed how suffering occurs when we desire life to be perfect. Somehow, when we expect life to go according to our thoughts and it doesn’t, sorrow ensues. We become resistant.

            However, in Buddhism one of the Four Noble Truths is that pain exists, but suffering is optional. We need to work with human nature instead of trying to fight against it as Suffering = Pain x Resistance. The more we resist negative emotions, the more we will suffer and the only option left then is to accept them with every ounce of courage.

            It is also interesting to think about how fleeting good experiences should make you less concerned about when they will…

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            Hope and Disappointment

            LIKE M.L.K. SAID!!!!!!

            Hope is great, but it comes with a downside—disappointment. When we’re hit with this feeling after being hopeful, it hurts. There is really no way around it. The more time we spend fantasizing about how amazing it would be to win, the greater our disappointment is likely to be when we lose.

            However, disappointment is a part of life. In relationships, schools, things, and in ourselves. Ever since I was little, I have expected my relationships with friends to go a certain way. However, they didn’t always steer in that direction. At one point, I was tired of being let down by the people I care about. Sometimes, it can even be hard to tell if we should give our friend another chance or try to move on – is it even them or is it us? Over time though, I’ve realised how in real life, it is rare to…

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            The Power of Self Belief

            SHE GOTS IT!!!!! 😀

            Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “believe you can and you’re halfway there”.

            Self confidence is all about trusting our abilities and believing that we can do what we set our minds to. I’d say I am quite an ambitious person and am grateful for all my achievements – big or small. However, self-belief is also about thinking that our ideas, feelings, and opinions have worth. Here, I find that I often lack belief in my intelligence and always seem to worry about receiving validation and encouragement from other people.

            A couple of days ago at school, in English class, we were talking about current global issues. And my teacher said how veganism is the next “global issue” and how it is completely pointless and stupid. This man had zero respect for people like me who are trying to make a lifestyle change – even though I’m not entirely vegan, I hold…

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