MOXIE merchandising,

In a way, not surprising…

National store

Won’t sell any more,

MOXIE sales are not rising!

Individual stores

Decide if they’ll sell more…

Goodness me

They’ll sell MOXIE,

If buyers have them stock more!

–Jonathan Caswell



Mom and Micah



Here’s my Mom.

Here’s my “shadow;”

an extraordinary grandson.

How many times does my Mom

ask me, right in front of him,

“Who is this nice boy?

How do we know him?”

Often, maybe ten times daily

over the usual three day

holiday weekends.

There’s the “patience of Job”

and there’s ~ “patience

of Saint Micah.”

Seriously, my voice gets

a touch of irritation in it!

Micah says to me,

“Nana, wait till you get old.

You’ll probably forget

my kids’ names!”

So wise!


He tells my Mom,

starting from my oldest

daughter and pasting

together my Mom’s

“Loose ends.”

Micah asks her,

“Do you remember Carrie?”

Mom nods her head and then

looks at me to confirm:

“That’s my daughter’s

girl who is in art college.”

(Well, she’s 37 and not in art

college but she’s got the identity.)

Both Micah and I solemnly

nod our heads in…

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Being single definitely has some highs & lows but, there’s no doubt that flying solo is sometimes way better than dating the wrong guy.

Ya , so what are those thoughts that come to your mind when you are single af 😝😴😬😩😱🤒

Hahaha ! Relatable af

This is me.😂😂

I love food.😚

Lol ! This is epic.

I wonder if I had a crush I would have crushed the feeling of that crush so that it is no more my crush.Now, you please don’t try to crush your phone.

For the girls 😆 Girls get ready to show off in front of girls not boys.Mind it !

What are some other thoughts???

Hmmmm… umm..

Being single doesn’t mean you are weak it means you are strong enough to wait for What you DESERVE.

Instead of “single” as a marital status they should have “independenly owned & operated”


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god of birds


House of Heart

Some nights swallow me.

My mind surges forward and lurches back.

There’s a needle  impaled in a sad groove

of a suffering  song where I fall into a

maze of broken lifelines.

I mend the fissures of torn wings and await

the mottled sun that rises like a feather,

praying to the god of birds to swoop

down and save me.

Beatrice Gonzales…Goddess of Birds

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