Happy “CHANUCKAH” to you,

Blessing for you if a Jew…

Brave Maccabees

Trusted God Who Sees,

Eight days the prepared oil made it through!

A miracle celebrated by fun,

Only enough oil for one…

Day’s worth burning

Their hearts were yearning

To glorify God–that was done!

The Greeks had fouled the Temple,

Maccabees cleansing their nation’s symbol…

One days-worth prepared

In newly sanctified air,

The answer to God was so simple!

Like in 2nd Kings 4,

The Lord merely added more…

The God of all Creation

Did His own demonstration,

That Israel’s calling was sure!

So a Chanucka (Hanukkah) song,

We joyfully sing all day long…

God in his Heaven

Provides the other seven

Days of oil that the Jews to Him belong!

–Jonathan Caswell



He loves railroad critters,

The kind that give squirrels the jitters…

Slow-moving stars

That hustle train cars,

They may be small but not quitters!




Better break out the baked beans,

Tonight is down in the “teens”…

Bring home bacon

For beans we’re making,

You might have to sleep in your jeans!

If bacon sticks in the craw,

We needn’t have it at all…

Is tofu

Alright by you,

But it’ll need lots more salt!

What would you like to stay warm,

Secure in the midst of a storm…

Could hire me out

But the wife would shout,

She wants me NEAR HER…to keep warm.

–Jonathan Caswell

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