What Baffles Me In Life..Just My Own thoughts 🤔💖



Sometimes, I see in life that people misconstrue and cause chaos where there is none. Sometimes, we get trapped in our own thoughts and misread what is truly happening. Others may interpret our words as poets and our feelings as if things revolve around evil or pain and instead of inquiring in such in this world we jump straight too judgment…there are also multiple sides to truth..

I always lead my life by kindness and respect and love..i couldn’t be any other way..yes, I will stand up for myself as my honor is as important as my name and Integrity…i stand for justice..i stand for being whom I am even in the midst of confusion..never gloating nor fake nor partaking In evilness..as the Lord sees the evilness in someone and personally heaven is a place i tend to rest in my end days therefore that leads me to be GOD…

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Others open infected,

Impatience directed….


Are comfortable,

To being here protected!

States that opened early

Are in covid 19 swirling….

Not forsaken

Riddlebrook’s taken

Precautions for us that are sterling!

Jonathan Caswell

A tribute to you—who protect we elders from covid 19 harm.

Caged butterlies


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Berthe Morisot 1875

Berthe Morisot 1875

I love antique fans… there is something about them that has always fascinated me. I remember vividly standing in tears at Harewood House at an exhibition many years ago. I don’t quite know what it is… their delicacy and craftsmanship, the artistry in miniature, their ephemeral fragility… or perhaps it is the stories that they could tell. They were given as gifts, symbols of love and affection, hid shy smiles and coquettish glances, indeed there was a whole, discrete language that could be spoken in silence by the hand that held the fan.

I used to collect them. It was one of those things I had always promised myself when I could afford to do so. The delicate lace and gauze, painted satin and  feathers of the Belle Époque were my favourite, though the little brisé fan that belonged to my great-grandmother was the most precious. They…

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Love recalled


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’m tired this morning. I didn’t sleep much and spent most of the night tossing and turning. When I did doze, I spent the time watching those I love wander across the screen of dreams. Though that is not quite a true depiction. I was in there with them.

I dream vividly and in colour and was surprised when I learned how many people don’t, though apparently with the demise of monochrome media that is changing dramatically. Which raises some interesting questions about how our minds and perceptions are, quite literally, coloured by our environment.

Be that as it may, my dreams have always been vividly and graphically coloured and I feel them as reality while I dream… and honestly, there are some you really wish did not feel quite so real…

Last night, however, it was lovely to see and to hold those who are distant in time and…

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Morris Cerullo Talks About his Greatest Miracle in 67 Years of Ministry



Morris Cerullo Morris Cerullo

Pioneering evangelist Morris Cerullo has seen countless signs, wonders, healings and miracles around the world. In an exclusive interview with Charisma editor Marcus Yoars, he reveals the greatest and most impacting moment of his 67 years in ministry.

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