Our Homemaker is kind,

She eases an elderly mind,

Back rubs light-fingered

make good feelings linger,

and hard work she doesn’t mind

Most agencies don’t want touching

Of their workers or any clutching….

My wife I asked

For permission that

I could ask if she didn’t mind much!

When that time came ’round,

He nervously sat down…

Her light-fingered

Rub on him lingered,

Sure beat a hug, hands down!

Jonathan Caswell

Tactile reassurance-?

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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order




The state bird is the Mockingbird
And the Diamond is this state’s gem.
The tree~~ the Ponderosa Pine
Thankful people~~ proud what’s been given them.

The flower is the Apple Blosso
The insect is the Honeybee.
Motto is “The People Rule” and
“Land of opportunity.”

Little River County Courthouse
Their Christmas lights display is great.
The fiddle is the instrument and
The square dance~~ number one it rates!

The Ozark National Forest
Has more than one million acres,
Almost ten thousand miles of streams
Six hundred thousand lakes it features.

From the Sioux Indians’ word acansa
This state’s name, means downstream place.
Often called the “Natural State”
Many resources to embrace.

Containing six National Park sites,
Two and a half million acres.
Fifty state parks, seven National
By-ways and everyone are takers.

Prospecting is still allowed in the
Crater of Diamond State Park.
For precious gems of diamonds

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The Sack of Wheat|کیسه گندم


A Voice from Iran

“187th story”

Once upon a time, There was a very poor old man who passed life so hard. His son and daughter were sick, and the poverty didn’t allow him to take them to a doctor.

He didn’t even have money for a portion of proper food for his children. They had ripped clothes and not a very warm place to sleep. His job was to walk around the bazaar and beg for money to buy a piece of bread and take it home to feed them.

Every night he came home tired with a broken heart. He was so ashamed and couldn’t face his children. One of the days, no one gave him even a penny. He walked from alleys to bazaars, but still no luck for a piece of bread.

He couldn’t go home empty-handed; he was tired and disgraceful. He decided to go to the miller and…

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Coconut Chocolate Macaroon Muffins by Necessity



To all of you, Beautiful People, who had wished my oven speedy recovery, I hasten to report that it has finally gotten repaired. Meanwhile, right before it went on strike last week, I had been planning to try out a new Pesach (Passover) dessert recipe, while, at the same time, getting rid of sundry leftovers in my refrigerator that cannot be used on Pesach. To clarify, theoretically they can be used, but not when they come from packages open before kitchen is completely switched to Pesach mode, i.e. contains no Chometz (leaven), no utensils that have been used with leaven, and no surfaces that have been touched by leaven during the year.

Related image

We start this insane cleaning process (not only the kitchen, but the entire house should be completely clean of even a tiny cookie crumb your child dropped between cushions on the couch) immediately after Purim, and this…

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By the Mighty Mumford

You know that God loves me and you,

Like a fine parent would do…

But each must decide

In this God to abide,

Or if your relationship is through!

God Almighty is a gentleman,

Won;t force you although the great “I AM”…

But cometh the End

No one can pretend

And be saved through their unworthy sham.

This I believe all the way,

If I had to—I;d die for this today…

By His saving grace

I know my place,

Although sometimes I do run away!

Then God comes after me,

Through God’s people and His Spirit persistently…

Like a sheep wanders away

I must be with God every day,

Our relationship through prayer consistantly!

Jonathan Caswell

Although no Biblical references are cited, ideas from this poem are found in the Christian Holy Bible.

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