Is this what he deserves,

A business-like friendship observes…

Intimacy blocked

His movements stopped,

Nothing beyond hors’deaurves?

The one relationship not close

Is the one he needs the most…

The Lord and his wife

Both in his life,

Don’t forget the Holy Ghost!

Several people he’s overplayed,

Resulting in desires waylaid…

Back in his box

With missing socks,

With few coming to his aid.

He knows he went too far,

Leaving the control room adjar…

Now he feels stuck,

Nearly out of luck,

All because he went too far.

Hard to revive where accepted,

Any approaches it seems would be rejected…

Cried wolf too often

So his stereotype’s a coffin,

Stuck with little hope interjected!

Yes, he has friends here and there,

Most he holds in mid-air…

Few he trusts–

Social muscles gather rust–

He pretends that he does not care!

–Jonathan Caswell

GRATEFUL…by Carl Gooch


I’m grateful… Yes Lord I’m grateful
Grateful that you’re in control
Grateful down deep in my soul
I’m grateful for all that you do
Grateful just because you are you

My heart sings your praise,
You have blessed all my days.
And Lord, I am grateful
Yes grateful for the victories won
And for all you’ve done.
Lord I’m so grateful.

I’m grateful… Yes Lord I’m grateful
Grateful that you’re in control
Grateful down deep in my soul
I’m grateful for all that you do
Grateful just because you are you

Carl A. Gooch ~ 20 February 2017

Outfits of The Weekend 2/18-2/19


Hi loves! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Today’s post is a little different…I didn’t get to shoot my looks how I normally would, but I did manage to take a quick camera phone pic each day. Hope you guys don’t mind!


Who else shaved their legs this weekend?! LOL…It felt like Spring in Jersey and I was excited to wear some things I picked up for the season recently. Saturday my boyfriend and I took the train to NYC to find the best Ramen and just walk around and enjoy the weather. I decided to wear this star print dress that has an open back (sorry, didn’t get a pic find it HERE .) Star print has become the new stripes. This is the first piece I added to my wardrobe featuring the trend and I love it. I think a dress is always the easiest way to try a new trend…

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V-day Look 1: Forget Me Not


Valentine’s day is approaching again, and if you are single, this can be a pretty dreadful time of the year…but it doesn’t have to be. Today, I’m sharing a cute casual outfit idea that is perfect for hanging out with your girls because, who needs a boyfriend? Ditch the sweatpants this year, and don’t you dare put on “The Notebook”, or any other movie that will have you crying over your pizza 😉

For me, Valentine’s day is just another excuse to get dressed up (boyfriend or not),so I put together two looks, one more casual for hanging with the girls, and a date-night look. I wanted to change it up from the usual pink frilly dress or the red bodycon, so for my first look, I found this ringer tee at Forever 21 that reads “Forget Me Not”in pink, and I knew I wanted to create a look around it

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Two Timing My Easel


Janell Mithani

The sun is finally shining this week and it has motivated me to not only work on one painting, but to do two paintings at once.  Actually, I do this often.  It is a creative process I enjoy. I like to work on a large painting and a smaller painting at the same time.  I have a floor easel that is my main easel and a smaller table easel that I put on a pedestal next to it to work on smaller canvases.

working on two paintings in the studio by janell Mithani

It is fun for me to hop between the two and also practical to work on one when I am waiting for the other to dry or if I need to take a break and, you know…  think! 🙂

Do you ever work on two projects at once?  Does this type of process work for you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful, creative day…

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My Dreams Gossip More Than A High School Girl


Creative Writing Of A Baltimorean


but stunning

Shy around our crushes

but desperate for loving

You’d swear under any sun

that we have no role

but we don’t just play the lonely one

we have our passions, and we get on a roll

when we’re in our field

We take your stereotypes and stiff arm them

to glory in our inspiring and unique highlight reel

of ups and downs

of science, poetry, and baroque sounds

Einstein, Mozart, and me

outcasts, deemed regressive

by those too dense to understand our creativity

Not passive nor aggressive

we don’t call you out

but by our success, by our legend

we remove all doubt

You all are nothing but idiots

and your so called science

is confirmation of your defiance

towards the truth

Swing around your PHd’s and double D’s

and everyone is stuck to the screen

Like a high school girl

still trapped in youth

you convince…

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