—An opinion by Jonathan Caswell—

Preachers this Sunday said to vote,

Our consciences on who would most devote…

Their talents, treasures, perks,

To do Godly works

Assuming we would let them steer the boat.

“Our” system used in choosing is secular,

The sacred getting in is told, “to heck you are”…

God’s influence seems small

We don’t pray enough at all,

With over half influenced by the world in particular.

An “evangelical block”

In worldly terms is schlock,

We are no more united

Than any other “movement” kited,

And the worldly ones are through us, chock-a-block.

Christians will save the day

Only if we agree to pray…

Many of us do rote prayer

With no power there,

How can “we” succeed doing prayer the unbelievers’ way?

Some may not agree with Catholic doctrine,

But on the front lines, they are sparking…

To fight for us all,

Lets tear down our wall

To help them defeat government’s barking.

We too easily criticize

Those churches without our eyes…

To see as we do

The hulla-balloo,

Or think as we surmise.

Persecution boils down to basics,

Like swollen legs on Lasix…

The most import

Will quickly sort,

Itself out as hardship it faces.

Our American churches are lazy,

Fat, overburdened and crazy…

In what we perceive

To be worth how we breathe,

Ignoring worldly influences hazy.

While Catholics bring the fight to pass,

Will Protestants get off their duffs at last…

The coming fight is real

And not many have zeal,

Enough to sudden dangers grasp?

I wish I had had a voice

When it came to churches’ choice…

Taking Federal funds

Seemed to be a fight we’d won,

‘Till control of funds was taken by Federal ploys.

Is there hope—yes, there is,

But not through worldly biz…

I encourage all to pray

Continually night and day,

That God would here us and keep whom are His.

Stay out of the world—-NO!,

Rather, not be bothered so…

Each of us must choose

Who’s business we’ll lose,

When the Lord comes back, will we be ready to go?

***Lasix is a medicine to flush excess fluid out of the body.


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