The day after “our side”

Lost in a way we couldn’t abide,

Is all that we said

Forgotten and dead,

Or is it the start of a slide?

Not everyone in the world

Looks at the vindictiveness hurled…

As political game

In another name,

Just rhetoric ’til next time is squirreled.

What of the Christian’s light,

Even if we are proved right…

Was love our aim

Or merely blame,

For things we didn’t see as right?

Was our message always Christ-led,

Or was our messages heisted…

By innuendo,

Short-term goals to show,

That hidden worldly zeitgeist?

Facebook had more than one spot

Around me where tempers got rather hot…

Are those the faces

We show world races,

That God is Love, but we are not?

The damage is done, I know,

And who am I, but the average “Joe”…

Godly communities

Ought to fall on their knees

And repent of political blow.

—An opinion, Spirit-led I think, by

Jonathan Caswell

(From Facebook)

(Responsible comment invited)

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