We have a monster cat,

There is no doubt about that…

In the dark we can see

His green eyes plainly,

He moves at the drop of a hat.

When I move toward the kitchen,

I know that he is just itching…

To run in a ZIP

So I almost trip,

Missing him by a smidgen.

When he wants attention—look out,

Your backside may find his claws out…

Bend over and smack,

Settles on your back

As though you’re positioned his couch.

My wife has to guard  her plate,

Avoiding what the cat ate….

Distractions allow

Her to finish her chow,

His pestering, an unfortunate trait.

His latest attitude to try,

On the back of her chair up high…

From there cats easily survey!

Our green-eyed monster cat,

Is worth all, and more than that…

We’re kept on our toes

By his little nose,

Our beloved pussy cat!


—Jonathan Caswell


12 thoughts on “GREEN-EYED MONSTER CAT

  1. Hot Rod Cowgirl

    Love this…we used to have a kitty that looked just like this…same white down the nose….black tuxedo kitty and incredible green eyes:) Actually our version was our Minnie Mouse’s sister and very nervous and anxious….now Minnie is more like what you describe….she is very much human and we live in her house:) She is the Queenie of my house my Minnie Mouse…She is the cat who knows where it is at:) I sing this often to Minnie and she knows it is her song…she is almost 18 years old and yet young at heart…and our kitty angel girl:)


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      You are my FIRST COMMENT—other than my own! Don’t have any pictures of our Tippie Cat available—felt I had to zap out my files when one too many viruses got in the computer…got to find the photo CD again to re-install! So the picture at the bottom is a best representation Our Tippie is 17 years-old and going downhill, health-wise. Can’t afford to forestall what is incurable, so am enjoying his company day-by-day. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Child Of God

    I love my cats especially Tayla. she died 2 YEARS AGO AND I loved her the most together with my dog, Belle. I had to put both asleep in 8 weeks’ time. NOW I have DIANNA the cat Tiny the dog both from shelters. Tiny is full of life and Dianna quite as a mouse, lol. This dog loves me too much and unless I m home will not play at all.

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