There comes a time in life,

Or several times in life…

When things go askew

If it happens to you,

Problems will cut like a knife.

Distracted away from belief,

Getting lost in the world, to be brief…

I need to retrain

Myself in His Name,

Back to my faith in my Chief.

Attendance  at  church has slipped,

In crisis, my wings have been clipped…

Not being with the Body

Affects one oddly,

As spiritual strength dips.

Others may have other faith,

For me, only Jesus is safe…

My Savior and King

Through Him everything,

Was created for God’s glory great.

So I’ll return to more Bible study,

To revive my vision so muddy…

Then health and well-being

I soon will be seeing,

When I’ve gotten close again to Christ, my Buddy!

—Jonathan Caswell

(Facebook, below)


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