I’m glad for the few “Blue Laws”

That still are on the books,

Of certain States despite their flaws…

And despite neighbors’ dirty looks!

Worshippers of the “Holy Dollar”

Want seven-day-a-week sales,

Tax revenuers may holler…

Even if society fails.

Hooray for the few “courageous”

States who have not yet gotten around

To striking Blue Laws from the system…

And striking our families down!

Praise God that a few places still

Put the “little guy” before cash and sales,

Whether from neglect or iron will…

That State has not on the family baled.

So thank you, Massachusetts and neighbors,

Who have yet to sell our souls

To the Lord High Master of Commerce…

Which keeps more families whole!


—Economic and Social opinion, based on facts,

By Jonathan Caswell


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