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An episode of Dr. Oz
Pointed to a cause…
Why “sugar free” brains
Saw largely weight gains,
Information that should give us pause.

I couldn’t stay for the whole show
For to work I had to go…
Artificial sweeteners
Like sugar with spurs,
Hypercharged sugar hunger so!

The signals sent to the brain
Of super sweetness the soda contained…
Blasts out insulin
And desire taking in,
Lots of sugar for all that insulin gain.

That signal with dire prediction
Is sent to the center for addiction…
Like drugs or alcohol
It can take over all
Intent to lose weight by conviction!

Resolution—-according to Oz,
Was to use less artificials for cause….
Substitute natural media
Like guava and stevia,
In home-made brews with less flaws!

–Jonathan Caswell
***DR. OZ is a popular daytime TV program on various stations starring the person with the same name.



A New Year’s Blessing for you,
God’s Blessing on what you’ve been through…
Whether troubled or not
It is what we’ve got,
So look for the joy bubbling, too!

—Jonathan Caswell



Long ago at Christmas time,
A man and his wife took a shine…
To Barbie-like* dolls for the memory
Of her childhood and his, we shall see.

She purchased a Skipper-like* doll in shorts,
With accessories to do summer sports…
He liked the look of the one in green evening dress,
A Christmas edition that he liked the best.

They took them home to reside on shelves,
With metal stands so they could stand each by themselves…
He’d often look at her for a spirit lift
Especially when he had shoveled that one more snow drift.

His dolly was exciting and sexy and more
E’en though it was plastic and fabric, no more…
I’m afraid his affections were carried away
Until when moving, she left her display.

Both dolls were bundled up with dispatch
And in the process disrupted their thatch….
He didn’t for doll hair know how to retress,
So the doll’s hair remained a mess.

I suppose he could ask his wife what to do
As long as it’s clear they do the other one too…
And then they might look like they did before,
Staying in the back room while he loves his wife more!

—Jonathan Caswell
*BARBIE, SKIPPER dolls are made by MATTEL CO. The knock-offs…???



This year is a funny Christmas
And he does not mean “ha-ha”…
Emotionally it’s been rocky,
With the surfacing of flaws.

He found illuminated
Mixed motives deep within…
Not always desirous to rid himself,
Of promptings to sin.

Prepared best he could for the Christ Child,
But found himself landing short…
Of feeling that grateful devotion
For being allowed in God’s court.

He can’t go just on feeling,
As many of his actions still are…
Like the Magi in the Story
He has to follow the Star.

Unlike New Year’s Resolutions,
In Christ, he starts new every day…
Applying spiritual solutions
‘Though oft-times he gets in the way.

He depends on his Lord’s mercy
To keep his repentance list short…
Confession, repentance as needed,
Reduces his soul being sport!

—Jonathan Caswell



In a photo album,
Was my Cousin Esther King…
Her left hand had no fingers
But did ‘most anything.

Her mouth was very busy
With few teeth inside…
What she had were artificial,
You should have seen them fly!

She lived alone in Millville,
A shadow of its self…
Whenever we would visit
She had cookies on the shelf.

She asked us to stay over
Each and every year…
Mom and Dad would always beg off,
As if they had something to fear.

One year Mom explained it,
Cousin Esther was very poor…
If we had stayed overnight
She’d have used a month’s supplies for sure! 🙂

Cousin Esther has left us
For that Mansion in the sky…
Some day I’m going to travel
Past Millville, by and by.

—Jonathan Caswell

Some classic tragic love poetry—she “done good”, didn’t she? —Jonathan


For too long, my heart felt the pangs
of repetitive brusing while
my memories revisited the past.

I have stumbled down this spiral before
and it has consistently lead me to despair
and heartbreak.

I wonder if my heart can handle
diving off another cliff
into the unknown and undecisive.

As time passes,
the thought of vunerabiltity
shakes me into fear as I
run from the edge.

Can I fall…
from this ledge?
Will i let myself
plunge through this fence of fear
and fall?

Can I…
Can I…
Can I fall?

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His wife found an album she said,
Of his memories instead…
And an old girlfriend,
She would not pretend
That she was jealous of relationships dead.

The girl—his old fiancee—
The one who did get away…
She looked really fine
Back at that time,
But she’s not the same today!

His memories started to flow,
Glad she married the other “joe”…
Three kids she had,
That wasn’t so bad,
With him, the answer would’ve been “No”.

He remembered without despair
The friendship was never there…
But they enjoyed
A love that buoyed
Them for the time it was there.

Perhaps God really is wise
In ways that escape our eyes…
His only wife
The love of his life,
And she with him—no surprise.

—Jonathan Caswell