We hit the tip of the iceberg

Like Titanic, started to drown,

We managed to stay a floating…

When most of our entertainment went down.

We managed to pay the electric

And the rent, so we have a home,

But Cable was lost at the end of the month…

No more TV, internet…or phone!

The post-dated check should reach them,

In time for a mid-month restart…

Entertaining ourselves in the darkness

Is almost a forgotten art.

Yes, we could do THAT, if we wanted,

But how about the rest of the time…

An evening goes slow without TV shows

About the reruns of which we can whine.

My wife sees better with new glasses,

And I have interests in which to dabble…

I’m not much for cards, but what passes

For fun—-we break out the SCRABBLE*.

We discovered how to play CD’s

On the computer Media Player…

And cleaned the off battery contacts,

To find daytime radio fare.

In the Community Room and at work,

I have some access to “this”…

But at home with less to do

We’ve got more time to kiss!


–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE*: SCRABBLE is a word game with letter tiles on a board to make interconnecting words for points.


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