(Or reminders, guys!)


Sitting with my wife in an office small,

Realizing forms we haven’t filled at all…

Needing more documentation

About our situation,

Being recertified has never been a ball.

Surrounded by my wife and two babes,

One is younger–neither need lamp shades—

There are things I could see

‘Twould be the end of me,

So I keep my eyes on the wife, not visual trades.

This serious stuff makes me nervous,

Of which the lady manager seems impervious…

Except in reminders frequent

Of things not in sequence,

Or missing, though she’s aware we’re not being devious.

Embarrassing this, most every year,

Not having everything ready as is clear…

We should have all this down,

It’s no time to fool around—

But when it is over we can heave a sigh and cheer.


–Jonathan Caswell


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