(A progression of faith through the Book of Genesis)


The prophets of THE LORD*

And disciples of our King**…

Were taught how to receive His Word

And what to be remembering.

Adam walked with God

In the Garden’s evening cool…

He could have gone on doing that,

But was easily fooled.

God spoke clear enough

To be heard by Cain…

Who killed his brother for the stuff

That byworded his name.

Enoch walked with God

Closer than his fathers had…

God took him and he was not,

Let the saints of THE LORD* be glad!

Abram met God at night

Being told to look at stars…

He then believed that God could act,

Despite Abram’s own scars.

He saw God visiting,

Toward Sodom two angels went…

Abraham inquired of THE LORD*

How many souls could prevent?


Then God told Abraham

A sacrifice to prepare…

It was to be his promised son,

For obedience, a ram was there.

Abraham was old and grey,

Another sacrifice prepared…

By a smoking pot among the halves

His people’s future was aired.

Farther from the Garden we,

Rather like the saints of old…

Find walking with God harder still

So we should endeavor bold!

List’ning is harder now

With distractions all around…

But we are called to seek out Him,

Kneeling on earnest ground.

–Jonathan Caswell

*THE LORD = The name of God as expressed in many Old Testament renderings…without going into the Hebrew or a adaptation of the Hebrew.

**Our King = Jesus Christ was described in the Old Testament and proclaimed in the New Testament as our Prophet, Priest and King.  See a Bible Concordance for references to this.


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