My wife and I were planning that

Today we’d be up north…

Settling in her brother’s house,

Visiting for all its worth.

But we were taken aback by news

That my regular workmate had fled…

So our vacation time is no more

And hope, for the moment, is dead.

We may get up north again,

In a future time…

Depending on the procurement

Of another man in line.

For once he or she is trained,

We can reschedule real soon…

And though I’ve working Christmas Day

It needn’t all be gloom!

I will not have my oyster stew,

It costs so much each year…

Especially since she does not like

Its gastronomic air.

It’s no fun eating all by myself,

Christmas Eve I am at work…

Some traditions are best not kept

If sharing them isn’t a perk.

We’ve marinated our chuck steak

As she thought it should be done….

We’ll have potato, carrots and such,

And like the meat well-done.

We’ll have our fun as we always have,

Scheduled around my work…

A phone call or two and life’s not blue

And I’ll even forgive that jerk!


–Jonathan Caswell


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