Long ago at Christmas time,
A man and his wife took a shine…
To Barbie-like* dolls for the memory
Of her childhood and his, we shall see.

She purchased a Skipper-like* doll in shorts,
With accessories to do summer sports…
He liked the look of the one in green evening dress,
A Christmas edition that he liked the best.

They took them home to reside on shelves,
With metal stands so they could stand each by themselves…
He’d often look at her for a spirit lift
Especially when he had shoveled that one more snow drift.

His dolly was exciting and sexy and more
E’en though it was plastic and fabric, no more…
I’m afraid his affections were carried away
Until when moving, she left her display.

Both dolls were bundled up with dispatch
And in the process disrupted their thatch….
He didn’t for doll hair know how to retress,
So the doll’s hair remained a mess.

I suppose he could ask his wife what to do
As long as it’s clear they do the other one too…
And then they might look like they did before,
Staying in the back room while he loves his wife more!

—Jonathan Caswell
*BARBIE, SKIPPER dolls are made by MATTEL CO. The knock-offs…???

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