I asked my Mom how to pray,
She said it was personal (no how/no way)…
So I continued as I had begun
Speaking aloud to The Holy One.

I bent over further to pray in church,
Closed my eyes tighter–in attitude first…
I tried and tried to listen for God
It wasn’t the same in a common pea pod.

But I’d start talking to myself and to Him
Apologizing for each wayward whim…
Telling my struggles as if He were there,
Events would then work out after I shared.

I prayed for prophesy as spiritual gift
To give God’s people spiritual lift…
Depending on others to find if it’s true,
Could you tell me if it’s a blessing to you?

My attitude praying is like friend-to-Friend,
Pushed envelopes conversations may end…
Can’t stay away long enough for need to shout
But if you cannot pray, with Him talk it out!

—Jonathan Caswell

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