When left to his own devises,

He thought he had a mid-life crisis…

His red Porsche went

With the money all spent,

On higher living-cost prices.

Realized he was no longer young

And had to hold his tongue…

Letting youth

Find its own truth,

Not wanting his older wisdom.

The man was really shocked

At the age of his cultural clock…

What youngsters found keen

He thought crass and mean,

He wouldn’t buy ANY of that stock!

At heart he couldn’t have an affair,

He didn’t want to hurt his wife there…

Even if he would

With no guarantee he “could”,

The price was too much to bear.

He’ll just have to write poetry,

And deal with it artistically…

Somehow he’ll get through

With the same woman too,

The attainment of “youth” isn’t free!


–Jonathan Caswell

(Dedicated to my friend, ‘Becca, who thinks SHE’S OLD–NOT!!!)

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