He sent a Friend Request

To a girl he used to know best…

His love in High School

When he was a fool,

And she got him off her chest.

On Facebook he finds her

And offers to reconfer…

But she remains silent

While not actually violent,

Refusing to concur.

He sees she’s got family,

A clan which fills her need….

So he’ll move on,

He’s done nothing wrong

‘Cause results were never guaranteed!


–Jonathan Caswell



3 thoughts on “NOT FRIENDED

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    For me….they keep changing the format and I keep being tagged with 30 day “no-friending” bans for who knows what reasoning? ! It is a shame, ’cause I do have some good friends there…just am tired of having my chain pulled…by Face Book, itself.



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