Peanut butter crackers taste

Like something eaten with haste…

When blood sugar gets real low,

Potato chips are the wrong way to go!

Sugar is fine if just a little,

Don’t want to turn diabetes brittle…

Protein burns slower than starch and fat,

Edema swells with that salty crap!

Carrots are great but go through quick,

Protein like cheese is a useful trick…

Amazing what turns up from long ago,

Protein–said my Dad–is the way to go!

He said it in a letter my wife just found,

He passed away–ten years in the ground…

My brother then was talking to me

And told my Dad ’bout my peanuts and candy.

So up from the past, a nutrition trick,

Avoiding high sugars and getting sick…

Peanut cracker sandwiches will do just fine

If I don’t consume more than a package at a time!


–Jonathan Caswell


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