My friends, Rick and Penny,

Traveled all around…

Near the end of last month

They had to put Penny down.

This little miniature poodle

Was old, stiff and grey…

Years and years she walked around

Until that final day.

Her “Momma” and “Pappa”

Did what they could

To ease the pain of a treasured life…

Then did what seemed good.

Rick says they won’t find

Another dog like her…

Sharing life and dog treats,

Long years went in a blur.


–Jonathan Caswell


2 thoughts on “PASSING OF A PRINCESS

  1. shellakers

    Very sad for your friends and their “princess”. I often say I’ll never own another pet. Because it’s too painful to lose them, but I just can’t seem to live without them. SO I have 2 dogs, 2 cats. I probably always will have a pet or two. They’re more like family than animals to me.



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