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My thanks to Megan, of  THE WAR IN MY BRAIN ( , for nominating me!  I thought the instructions said eleven, not seven, things to tell about myself…so you’ll get the whole show (glad it wasn’t fifteen–would have taken forever and who knows how many drafts?).

MEGAN (and whomever else wants to listen in!), seven or so things about me are:

1. I am a practicing servant (by His choice and mine) of the Most High God and Jesus Christ my Lord by faith and with God’s grace and mercy.

2. I grew up a perfectionist–in a klutz’s body.  It’s taken YEARS to accept myself as who I am and what I’m made of  (my wife sure helped a lot!!!).

3. Have an M.S.E. in Biology (1983), and work presently as a Security Guard.

4. I think I’m more impressive in print than in person.  To be fair, the wife and close friends will strongly disagree with this!  🙂

5. I tend to let others do the talking–except in print!

6. I rejoice in the ordinary–but cats are people!!!!

7. Take it a day–or second–at a time, as necessary, to get through to the next one.


Extra Credit:

**I have always gravitated toward the special, challenged, mostly friendless…maybe because I was a “blue baby” myself, and my Dad was the Protestant Chaplain in a Psychiatric Center, and it has been where my spirit has frequently led. I grew up sheltered and protected…hasn’t stayed that way, but for God’s protection!

**My life has not been uneventful and my “bucket list” is mostly fulfilled already…looking for more things to put on it!

**Have no formal theological education, but have sat under some really great pastors and teachers…and spent three years as a Home Missionary (to the physically and mentally challenged population of the greater New York City area, children and adults) with Children’s Bible Fellowship, spent 10 weeks in the Dominican Republic (1984) with Youth With a Mission, and have written worship materials and taught in several local churches.

**My mother was a red-head.


The blogs I’d like to nominate include the following:

1. RETURN OF THE MODERN PHILOSOPHER, (  …A rollicking good time with a NYC playwright transplanted to Maine, who uses his imagination for all kinds of silliness.

2. LITERATURE AND LIBATION, by oliver  (  …His theory and usage pieces on writing I find most helpful…I can enjoy reading about some beers and stuff, but I have chosen not to taste any more since 1986…some of his recipes look interesting, even so!

3. OUR POETRY CORNER,  with Ron Dubour  (  ….Ron is a master of Historical (international, U.S. and State historical figures) poetry,  Love poetry, all kinds of faeries and angels (some related to him), social issues.  When he made the jump from Facebook, I made the jump with him and cut my blogging teeth for the first couple years or so with him (check the Archives!), until branching off on my own.

4. KATENEWS2DAY, by kate7777  (  …Is essentially a news blog with a Christian faith-based slant and a particular conservative political view.

5. DELIGHTFUL (PASSIONATE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE), by Sis  (  …Focusing on the Faith that keeps us going!

6. HANDS ON BOWIE, by Herman.  (  ..What could be more versatile than a British Blue short-haired cat having all kinds of adventures (even a love interest) ?  Mr. Bowie’s cute!

7. THIS ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP, by Renchick  (  …Memories, photos and stories of a life well-lived (She seems inactive…hope everything is alright).

8. CATCH SOME WIDE EYE, by Ditrie Sanchez (  …Avant garde photos, stories (many about her teaching experience) and poetry. Being a former teacher myself I feel a kinship here.

9. NOOK HORTON WORKS (  –A blog about Gn009 scale train modelling.

10. MIRANDA’S INKBLOT (  –by Joan Miranda…An interesting view on life–kids, writing, life!

11. BREASTFEDBLOG ( …an interesting blend of photography and wisdom.

12. THE CHIVE (   …More than just pictures of hot girls, The Chive has a wide variety of videos and pictures (pets, current events, interesting situations) to choose from.

13. LADYORNOT, by ‘Becca…( Not able to go directly from here to there (I can’t, anyway), this blog, like The Chive, is one I would not have visited a few years ago.  (Sorry ‘Becca) It seems a cross between the old shopping mall favorite, Spencer Gifts (remember them?), and a women’s locker room (not that I’ve ever been in one).  But read her treatise on humor–especially her use of satire–and see if you don’t see a little more behind the bawdiness.

14. KNOCKED OVER BY A FEATHER  ( …Beating depression with humor–that’s what I do!

15. MARIE MARSHALL (  Poet…author…muse!

Again, I thank Megan, she has become a muse of mine! 🙂

–Jonathan Caswell


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