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“My Head Is Bigger Than Yours!” Mayor McCheese Jokes As He Courts Maine’s Alien Voters


The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Mayor_McCheeseMayor McCheese, long thought to be incumbent Governor Paul LePage’s biggest threat in the upcoming Maine Gubernatorial Election, took his campaign to the skies very high above the state today.

The Independent Party candidate met with about 15,000 ardent supporters in an Alkavian Mothership that hovered a couple of miles above Bangor.

McCheese’s message came across loud and clear: “I am the first non-human to run for Governor of this great state, and I not only take great pride in that, but also intend to make sure I am a voice of the other non-humans in Maine!”

MothershipThis Modern Philosopher was one of the lucky few humans to be invited along for what would best be described as a pep rally for the next Governor of Maine.  Alien beings from all over the Universe (who are also all Maine residents) were in attendance, and McCheese’s campaign wisely set up numerous…

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Respecting someone Does Not make you a Doormat


Hope Blooms in Darkness

Firstly, let me tell you, I once WAS a doormat, I know what it means to be a doormat and I am not a doormat now. A doormat knows they are being abused and they let it happen out of fear, low self-esteem and sometimes just for the attention they get from the abuser (that was my experience anyway, and I know that this is by no means true for everyone).

I have changed so much since those years of being controlled, manipulated and choosing not to fight back. Being an emotional doormat is an awful place to be, and I think the term doormat isn’t the most sensitive way of describing it either if I’m honest!


What I have the main problem with, however, is when I am called a doormat for making a conscious decision to do things my fiance’s way.

I agree that in some of these situations…

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Awards. Because it’s Monday.


Joy, Lovely Joy

I need to start out this post by thanking runningafterale, sheilamariegrimes, and alexiskrystina who have so graciously nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, the Linking Hearts Liebster Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, respectively.

You guys. I’m blushing. I’ve never been good at accepting compliments or awards or being the center of…anything, really. So all I can say is thank you. Thank you for letting me know that this little space of mine resonates with you. I’m truly honored.

Apparently there are some rules one must adhere to when accepting these awards, so I’m going to do my best to combine the three here.

Okay, wait, forget that. Things just got a little too complicated for the current state of my brain (tired, obviously). Soooo….I guess I will post the info and rules of all three awards here, and then pass the awards on…

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10 things girls need to know about lasting relationships!


If there is any magic in this world...

1. A relationship works by itself, once you found the right person all you need to do is to be you and everything will just be great! No, of course you don’t have to work on it, be smart and let your partner do all the work!!!

2. Prince charming is waiting out there, just for the right moment to come in your life and sweep you off your feet! You don’t need to do anything, just pray he will come on a white horse, and as the years go by, remember even a limping one eyed donkey will do! For transportation that’s what I mean!

3. Love is all you need to have a successful relationship. Once you’re together for life, the earth will move, fireworks will explode and you’ll make love every single night! And be aware if your partner really loved you and cared about you, he…

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Just thinking ~ by rldubour






Just thinking

Time to solve all worldly troubles,

alone I sat and thought.

All the things that I believed in,

for which I stood and fought.


The sun light starts to fade away

as stars begin their dance.

Bright full moon and shooting stars,

left me in a trance.


My mind does solve all sorts of things

encountered while we live.

And makes me wonder why does man

just take…instead of give?


As my eyes look at the heavens,

one thing I plainly see.

How every single man on earth,

is made up just like me.


The only difference in us,

is how we view our lives.

The placement of priorities,

family and wives.


Since mankind we all are equal

and every man is blessed.

Not one man on earth is better

just better off…at best.


Yet, in the hearts of…

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FTBFS: Overachieving Parents

Posted on April 27, 2013 by

Listen here folks, I need to rant about overachieving parents.  I know my hypothetical kids are perfect, but that is just dumb luck, not overachieving in my parenting.  If you’re going to get butt hurt because you’re one of these, read no further. If you’re going to laugh and point at yourself and others… then this is the post for you.

messy house FTBFS: Overachieving ParentsFirst, when I come to your house, I expect it to be a mess.  If it’s clean, I assume you’re beating your kids with coat hangers before I come over.  The least you could do is be polite enough to dash around and mess things up a bit for me, so that I feel better about my place.  If I wanted the museum experience, I’d friggin’ pay a babysitter to take my kids there so they could tell me about it.  Okay?

Plus, what is it with all the “I have to go to little Jimmy’s soccer game” at 8 A.M. on Saturday?  What the hell?  Be cool.  You now have my little rugrats thinking that parents actually go to those things.  So then I sign my kid up, only to be told I have to also do things like not yell on the sidelines, or push other people’s kids around, or call them names.  Then you’ll get mad at me when I tell the kids to forage in the woods off the soccer fields for my snack day.  Beyotch, when I was a kid, my mom locked the door and foraging was the only food I got.  If I didn’t come home with a basket full of berries, my butt got whipped.

baseballkids FTBFS: Overachieving Parents

and we liked it!

That brings up another point of contention: how can you afford all the activities your kids are in?  $100 a month for dance, $200 for swimming, $900 for pole dancing lessons.  When I was a kid, we played baseball with a ball made of clumps of dirt and hit it with a stick.  Now, your kid is throwing a fit in the middle of the Nike store because they wanted the $200 pair of cleats when you only wanted to spend $100.

having a baby FTBFS: Overachieving Parents

Oh, nurse do you have a hang nail? That must hurt!

Then, at every function, you start droning on about giving birth; you’re not sure how you lived through it.  Let me let you in on a little secret, one I have talked about on here before: half the population on Earth have given, or will give, birth.  You ain’t special.  Please spare us the gory details, though it does explain why little Jimmy’s head is shaped so funny.

Let’s all agree to underachieve, except when it comes to love, hugs, and kisses.  Then we all look like great parents, and we don’t think you’re hiding a body in your basement.  There is no need for competition, because I always win.

Sorry I forgot to be funny.

award FTBFS: Overachieving Parents



Lady or Not… Here I Come