So many people remind,

Me in ways that do not seem kind…

Do I look like a goon

Where people assume

That I need help with my mind?

My wife, I understand,

She’s lived with me for a stand…

Of near twenty-four

Years and more,

She’s seen me in life’s demands.

I’m getting used to her,

But the rest, my anger stirs…

How dare they assume

I have too much room

In a mind that frequently whirrs.

So I’m absent-minded some,

That doesn’t make me numb…

I’ll remember in time

And make up my mind,

While hearing your fingers drum!

–Jonathan Caswell

2 thoughts on “DON’T TREAT ME LIKE THAT!

  1. reocochran

    I do not like it when people show impatience in my telling something, sometimes I have to describe something before the item’s “name” pops out! I also will go round about on a subject and there seems to be a “get to the point!” in people’s eyes! If I listen to them, why can’t they listen to me? Fun and funny post! Thanks!


  2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    Just speaking out of a long life…Folks from Carver, Mass., listened to my verbal hesitation and mistook it for a drawl, and asked if I were from Texas! 🙂 Only good thing about it is…now I can finish my wife’s sentences!!!!



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