(“The Yellow Rose of Texas”)


Our apartment management company

Has bowed to resident fears,

Assigning parking decals…

The first we’ve had in years;

The darn things do not stick at all

With not any glue,

I used what was available…

And thought duct tape would do!

I have this sneaking feeling

There is a car behind,

That’s in the driveway circle

When I pull out in kind;

But when I focus better

In the back window I see,

That duct taped decal has

Confused me!

I’d replace with clear packing tape,

That was my first intent

But I could not find it at the time

As the deadline came and went;

I’m afraid to pull off the tape

And damage my defrost,

Could always repaint those little lines

I suppose, at a cost!

That car I’d think behind me

Has rarely appeared,

But I still am cautious

To avoid being smeared;

Some day the duct tape might fall off

And then the mirage will fade…

Until that day my peripheral vision

Will need some aid!


–Jonathan Caswell


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