Show, Don’t Tell (Your Loved Ones How You Feel)


Going in Circles

I was already thinking about blogging on this subject before the tragedy of the Boston Marathon this Patriot’s Day, but it’s taken on a new meaning since then.

As writers, we *always* hear “show–don’t tell!” and it can be awfully hard to do. This phrase resonates with me in my efforts to improve my writing, but I started thinking about how it really applies to life, too.

Perhaps we’ll send a quick noteemail text telling someone we’re thinking of him or her.* But we don’t pick up the phone to really spend time catching up with that person.

Or maybe we kiss our spouses good-bye as they go to work, giving them an absent-minded “love you,” but we don’t talk to them in depth when a spare moment arrives, saving deep emotion for a Valentine’s Day card.

Maybe we know of a loved one, or even just an acquaintance, who…

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