In Cleveland, Ohio,

Three women and a child freed….

From ten years cooped up

In some form of slavery.

Discussed on radio last night,*

A psychologist suggested

That time be sought for them to debrief

Without being media-molested.

“His wife”** went through similar things,

Nearly ten years of fright…

She didn’t know when she’d be attacked:

It would be outside at night.

For her it was an older kin

That kept her in chains…

But when her family found out,

They took extra special pains…

To shut the thing up

And keep it extra quiet,

As though by that it would go away

Not causing an internal riot.

Years and years of hurt

And questions within herself…

Were left churning behind the mask,

Left throbbing on a shelf;

Not til she could leave home

Would the knot inside unravel,

Getting far away from the place

With threatened midnight travel.

The hurt and fear remain

And she’s tried to reconcile,

Being tortured for those ten long years

With a life that now brings a smile.

If there is introspection

To figure out their delayed lives,

These precious ones need protection…

And resolution like his wife’s.

–Jonathan Caswell

*Coast-to-Coast-AM…a little after 1 AM, on AM 580 WTAG.

**A real person, being protected.

9 thoughts on “KEPT WOMEN FREED

  1. davebarclay1954

    Thank you for sharing this heartbreaking story. Unfortunately it is happening far too often, with the victim feeling somehow to blame, since that’s the easiest way to make sense out of nonsense. If only we could find everyone who has ever been suffering at the hands of such a monster and set them all free. A fight we probably will never win since it usually ends in either death of the victim or the monster.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. davebarclay1954

        Jonathan, I know exactly what you mean, destruction of the monster is needed (figuratively speaking) then we can get on with the job of rebuilding the lives that have been destroyed. Of course for some the damage goes so deep that they may never find themselves again.

        Liked by 1 person

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