Stop labeling your kids!


Dancing With Fireflies


Stop Labeling Children!

Let Kids Be KIDS! It’s hard enough for them to figure out who they are without adults assigning labels for them.

There is a trend right now to prove how much you support homosexuality.   I fully agree, there’s nothing wrong with being supportive. I’ve raised 5 of my own children and I love WHO each of them have become.  It never mattered to me if they were gay, straight, or somewhere in between. What matters is that they are healthy, safe, and know who they are and how much they are loved.  That’s it.

Here’s where I am probably going to piss some people off…. but children do not need to choose which sexual preference or gender identity in elementary school.

They should be allowed to come and go, explore ideas, move on naturally in any direction they please.

But when parents start labeling their children as gay, lesbian, pink boys, tomboy…

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