I was nominated by   hosted by reocochran…a fine blogger in her own right! 

So…on to the details:

*MY FAVORITE DESSERT:  a tie between extra lasagna…and coffee ice cream (doesn’t have to be sugar-free).

* CAKE OR ICE CREAM?:  Ice cream–even in winter!

*WHEN ARE DESSERTS MOST ENJOYED?: Whenever I’d like a treat!

*COOKIES OR CAKE?:  There are very few cakes for diabetics–they don’t taste as good as the “real ones”.  Cookies are easier to portion control…or harder…and can be eaten without dirtying up plates or utensils.


There’s a lot of sweet blogging going on here!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell


9 thoughts on “MY “SUPER SWEET BLOG” AWARD!!!

    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Sorry—am busy trying to catch up on my learning curve. I thought I copied each link down precisely…and now I find some “don’t exist”. One was my bad spelling…this next, who knows? But—THANK YOU!


  1. ravenspen

    Congratulations on your being nominated for the super sweet award, and thank you so much for thinking of me. I feel so honored to be named among such a list of dedicated bloggers. So how does this work?


  2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    “ravenspen”—The basic idea is to insert the above picture into a post, answer the above Sweet Questions for yourself and then nominate a “Baker’s dozen” (13) blogs and notify each one as to your decision to nominate them…and cannot re-nominate the one who nominated you! It’s rather like a chain letter with lots of finger exercise!


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