Thank you,, for nominating me!  I guess I’m playing “Eleven Questions”–just like you did (Or thirty-three questions, counting those I must answer, have others answer, and answer for you)!

THE RULES:  Each nominee must give: (A) Copy the above picture…Eva Van Beek has a better copy than I was able to get…(B) Give eleven facts about themselves; (C) Answer eleven questions posed by the one who nominated them (!) (D) Suggest eleven more questions to be asked eleven blogs which that person then nominates to receive THE LIEBSTER AWARD. (It sure helped MY Fingers stay limber!!!!  🙂  )


1. Up until last week, BTMM, had less than 200 followers.  Last time I checked the number was 217, and 2 following via TWITTER.

2. Jonathan Caswell had racked up over 1,000 posts on OUR POETRY CORNER, the blog he shared with Ron Dubour, most (but not all) being his own poetry.

3. BTMM has just passed its six-month anniversary of existence and it seems that Jonathan’s posts are spread almost equally between reblogging posts he  likes and his own poetry.

4. Despite voicing political views elsewhere, Jonathan has avoided most posts of that nature here…for whatever reason.

5. Jonathan drinks a lot of cold coffee–by choice!

6. He and his wife still have not “replaced” the cat that died in November, due to finances, mostly.  Perhaps in June…to make him/her an “Anniversary Cat? (month in which they were married)”.

7. Jonathan tends to write adult poetry, and not for children.  Probably has something to do with his wish to use a fuller depth of the English language, not just the latest fad or simple things–although he appreciates those who can and do!

8. The “BTMM” blog title is based on a local version of his Dad’s High School (Douglas, MA) Anthem–not necessarily the official version!  🙂

9. On his Dad’s side, he had an ancestor in the English House of Lords who was caught in a South Sea land scandal and whose son (also a lord) came to America around 1639, according to available Caswell family records.

10. On Jonathan’s Mother’s side, his namesake (a Jonathan Chester Havens) lived in Springfield, MA, and worked for the newspaper.  He also had an ancestor on Mom’s side who started as a cabin boy on one of the famed clipper ships involved in trade with the Far East. Most of the records on his Mother’s side were lost in a house fire.

11. Jonathan is less enamored of ketchup and peanut butter than he used to be–maybe because he’s finally eaten too much of both!!!


1. If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

ANS: To heal my wife of pain without going against her beliefs or mine…even if I’d have to move faster!

2. Who is the person you mostly run to?

ANS: First to Jesus Christ, then to my wife…sometimes the other way around.  🙂

3.  If you could have one skill you don’t already have?

ANS:  Perhaps to talk as comfortably in public and in groups as I do in private and here?

4. Have you lived outside your country and where?

ANS:  Yes–ten weeks spent in the Dominican Republic…for most of them, anyway, on a short-term summer missionary experience.  This doesn’t count the night or two on school trips to Canada and back with the band or chorus during Junior and Senior High School.

5. What upsets you most?

ANS:  Seeing people being exploited by folks one would think should know better.  Gandhi was not impressed with the Christians he knew, because what they claimed to follow did not jive with their real behavior and attitudes.

6. How many close friends of other nations do you have?

ANS: Keeping up with…none.  Not keeping up with many in this country, either!  Those who have befriended me or I’ve befriended in the past have included men and a very few women from: The People’s Republic of China, Bangladesh, India (one or two  right here on WordPress), The British Isles and the Dominican Republic.  This is separate from my WordPress “following” or Facebook, which I spend less time on now.

7. What is the most important thing you have learned…(may I assume, by blogging?) in 2012?

ANS:  That I CAN get through a after-50’s crush on someone and manage to be their friend again without being a pain to her, my wife or myself!

8.  If you could say one thing before the United Nations General Assembly, what would it be?

ANS:  I’d be tempted to say why waste our time anymore?  But that is neither diplomatic nor cognizant of the few good things that they do accomplish…in the midst of posturing and international corruption.

9. When last did you really laugh?

ANS:  My wife thinks it has been a while…I think it has been at least a week or two…probably at some sick humor having to do with bodily functions (I was and still am doing personal care–things get rather basic after a while for some of us!).

10. Biggest regret?

ANS:  Not realizing sooner that I couldn’t just wait around and expect God to act, without much effort on my part.

11. Greatest joy?

ANS:  The one time I was openly wildly happy was an offer to come live in a railroad caboose–that hadn’t been bought or restored yet–at a railroad museum.  But then reality came in again…!   Beyond seeing the fruit of my labor in the Lord (I’ve seen some, in myself and others), the greatest long-term joy has been—REALLY–my time learning a growing (and struggling together) with Diana, my beloved wife.


1. How long have you been blogging?

2. What are your aims for your blog?

3. How old were you when you began writing/being an artist or photographer?

4. What is your view of  people different from you. How do you tend to treat them and their differences?

5. Describe a “perfect blog post”?

6. What is your view of Holy Scripture (name which one, or ones)?

7. Do you have an artistic or creative background/experience?

8. What would you say to God to have Him let you into heaven (if you wouldn’t want to do this, why not?)?

9. What do you hope to get out of blogging?

10. Who is the person who has most inspired you (fictional and/or alien characters allowed)…and why?

11. Which is your favorite blogger and why (no brown-nosing!!!)?



Other folks generally reward their friends back and forth.  I’ve done that some, but with this and my other two awards, I often pick newer blogs that I am just getting to know myself…both to help them and (of course) find more followers for BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD.  Several of the above choices are indeed new bloggers–and they have excellent stuff! CHECK THEM ALL OUT, PLEASE…AND ANY OF THOSE…in my last two award nominations you haven’t availed yourself of!!!  –Jonathan Caswell (Thanks, Again, to, for her graciousness on my behalf!!!)  🙂



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