Robert Samuelson wants to Repeal the Internet


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Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post wants to repeal the internet, yes really.  According to Samuelson, the internet is a magical being full of wonderful attributes like YouTube but it is also dangerous, because cyber war. Cue the scary music.He also asserts without any evidence, in  typical Pundit fashion,  that the benefits provided by the internet are modest compared to the dangers.  Mr. Samuelson,  who henceforth I shall call Mustache of Concern or MoC,  seems to be confusing the internet with the world wide web.  There is more to the internet than YouTube and Facebook.

Would the loss of e-mail, Facebook or Wikipedia inflict fundamental change? Now imagine life without some earlier breakthroughs: electricity, cars, antibiotics. Life would be radically different. The Internet’s virtues are overstated, its vices understated. It’s a mixed blessing — and the mix may be moving against us.

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