Red heads of screen and stage,

Whether young or of any age…

Often stroll

According to role,

About in colored-hair shades.

The “real ones” whether women or men,

Thrill us like nobody can…

On certain shows

When they strike that pose,

We’d watch them again and again!

My favorite personal friends

Are blonde as winter ends…

Then cause me great thrill

Changing red at will,

My heart does back flips (end-for-ends).

Red heads real or fake have style,

They have ways of making you smile…

Whether present or past,

Knowing them’s a pleasant task–

As long…as WE* continue to smile!


–Jonathan Caswell

*”WE”…you know I “is one”, don’t you?  Even when the evidence on top has gone missing!!!!!  :-).


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