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One of the main objectives of my research is to simply identify the water source of each high-elevation pond. I want to know if frogs are perhaps relying on glacier-fed ponds more than ponds created by seasonal precipitation. Ponds connected to glacier melt should stay wet longer compared to ponds that are cut off from meltwater, because the contribution from precipitation during the dry season is almost zero. Since the daily freezing temperatures at this elevation limit the speed at which tadpoles can develop into frogs, glacier-fed ponds that persist longer may make better reproductive habitat than more ephemeral ponds.

Stick with the blog to learn how I’ll figure out how tadpole development times are affected by ponds drying up and water temperature. For now, I’d like to tell you about using water chemistry to distinguish glacier-fed ponds from precipitation-fed ponds.

A primer on stable isotopes. Everybody knows that water…

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