Some people think it a gas

To bring up faux pas from the past…

Riding on the back

Of the current hack,

Depending on stereotypes cast.

Lovers and haters alike

Really enjoy good fights…

As long as you win

It’s worth tucking in,

To parties and dinners at nights!

For me, I tend to get busy,

Spinning around makes me dizzy…

I can’t play the game

With old “what’s his name”

Without acid reflux getting fizzy.

At present it seems to be

Just one big old party…

Saying nearly the same

Under another name,

I doubt they really care for me.

While the country slides into hell,

Those folks all live very well….

With a Pres. who spends

As much as it extends,

And as much of the country he can sell!

Problem is, the other side’s nearly the same,

Just as whacked out with power and fame…

We little folks hunker

Down in the bunker,

The only ones feeling national shame?

–Jonathan Caswell

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