The self-appointed teacher,

Or hired by a Board….

Uses notes as reminders

Of progress going forward.

Their notes when used by substitutes

Don’t always turn out as planned….

At least momentum is maintained

When notes are properly scanned.

One cannot guarantee success

Even with the teacher there…

Students must think and decide for themselves

If attention they will spare.

If I am a teacher

And you-all are my class…

Some things from my notes I’ll take

In “hard knocks school” to pass.

In real effort, we

Each have time to teach,

As others weigh what we may say…

On what it says to each.

For me, I am aging,

No secret there…

It chronicles a state of mind

And not just loss of hair!

My Lord and King, Jeshua,

Jesus Christ, for gentile ears…

Has bid me to walk with Him

Glorifying Him through my tears.

And yes, I like the Ladies,

And redheads best of all…

Admittedly my Mom was one

And me, before “hair-fall”.

I emphasize the worth of men

And women in God’s eyes…

That certain ones I marvel at,

Should come as no surprise.

Trains, science, other stuff

To fill in the cracks…

Find something new to write about,

I’ll give it my best whacks!


–Jonathan Caswell


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