The Impact of American Culture:


Arab Information Center Ithaca

The following is a general list of what the Arab Students / scholars have tried out and liked here in America.

Alcohol:  Beer — Miller Lite,  Hard stuff –  Old Grand Dad

Havana Cigars

There were no change in Cars.  A Mercedes Benz is still number one.

Leather jackets, and those who are wealthy the color is the leather’s natural brown.

For dating  and fantasy there was no traditional change here either – Blonde, Blue Eye, and the taller the better; though there was a shift in weight classification – thus emphasis was, then, on thinner,

After the third year they started to realize their parents were right in frustrating their daughters in getting an American Academic education when they noted a change in them. American Sexual freedoms  which they enjoyed is still the basis of their agreements in keeping their sisters back and at home.  The exception came about by those who actually have fallen in love…

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