He looked out into the sunny

Back lot to watch a bunny…

Not the four-legged kind

But a woman looking fine,

Her best angle, he’d bet money.

The light happened to be

At the right angle to see…

A filled silhouette,

Her best yet

WOW, to the “N-th” degree!

Depends a lot on angles

If a particular person’s view spangles…

Full frontal’s not best

As he can attest,

He likes them to spangle not jangle.


–Jonathan Caswell





3 thoughts on “I TAKE THE 5TH!!!!

  1. reocochran

    Did you notice on that friends and neighbors blog that I finally accepted your opposites attract award, Jonathan? I really should have mentioned this earlier… but you are so on top of these posts, more so than I am on yours! What did you think of the crazy and wild way I used a different way to accept the nomination for your award, threw in two more that you can accept. I nominated you for the Awesome Blossom and the other one, dang! I forget…I’ll be right back…


  2. reocochran

    You were mentioned for nominating me, then I nominated you for the Awesome Blossom and the Fantabulous Blog Award. Please check it out, I may have confused the ones on the list, you were #13! Thank you for reblogging my post about Leap of Faith!! You are definitely deserving of the Awesome and Fantabulous Awards!!


  3. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    I will—THANK YOU!!!! Started to work on an Awards page…but it has gone idle… been having too much fun! Was going to kid you some—another blogger, I HAVE A VOICE, is about to pass you for total number of Comments on this blog!!!! You’ve pulled ahead again…barely (!). Site Stats do have their uses! 🙂



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