On NOVA, the fate of sea otters,

Diminished but managed by spotters…

Swimming in pollution

A nursery solution

Attempts, while the population totters.

Bringing up pups with surrogates,

Aquarium orphans participate….

In being reared,

For the wild volunteered

And released to repopulate!

The challenge is to carry on,

Protected, the otters are almost gone…

Only one of five

Released survive,

So many things can go wrong!


–Jonathan Caswell



3 thoughts on “UNSEALED FUTURE?

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    That’s what the program said. Two many variables like being able to feed oneself or adapt to changed water temperatures or fending off overly aggressive male otters…or fighting disease…to be conquered in reintroducing otters—-plus natural predators!



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