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Cookies, Pinkberry and another photo shoot


About a month ago, a friend in Moscow invited me to go to a young adults’ Bible study that he goes to in the city, and I went. And I am so thankful that I did. I have gone back each week since (Tuesday nights) and it’s such a blessing and fun time to hang out with other expats and share ideas/advice/stories and worship God together (and eat a yummy meal!) Last week was the last night that it was held in the city center since that couple that hosted it is moving to Switzerland  and so the group’s location is moving a bit south in the city (close to my place!) to the new French couple’s place. To celebrate the last night there, they had a cake with candles (to celebrate the 96 times they had hosted the group) and we also had a “service auction” with fake rubles…

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The First Thanksgiving: It Happened in 1863


Jess Witkins' Happiness Project

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone!

As a descendant of  two of the Mayflower pilgrims, I’ve been sharing Thanksgiving stories on my blog all month. If you missed out, feel free to check out:

Starting With Some Gratitude

The Baby Born on the Mayflower

and The One That Fell Off the Boat

This week, I thought I’d share a history of the actual Thanksgiving.

Are you ready for this?

It happened in 1863.

Wait! The pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621! Your date is over 240 years later?!

That’s right my little pilgrims. The first official Thanksgiving happened in November of 1863, when President Lincoln made it a national holiday at the urging of Sarah Josepha Buell Hale.

Sarah was a New Englander who was interested in bringing a war-torn country together. She wrote editorials for a lady’s magazine on the importance of Thanksgiving, in addition to writing the President, all…

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I changed to watching YouTube,

A break from blogging, dude…

This model railroad

Construction film showed,

A creative great attitude.

By classical music and jazz,

He’s working with friends that he has…

To his design,

A definite sign

That modeling’s an enjoyable task.

His wife got in the show,

Being an asset who knows…

How to please her man

Doing what she can

To help the railroad grow.

Its inspiration’s Canadian,

And the building is circadian…

Fifteen feet of track every day,

Nine film parts, by the way,

He’s built a fine model train stadium!


–Jonathan Caswell



December Around the World



This is an exciting month for many people around the world! I hope

you  will find some interesting facts about holly or other news here,

along with some important dates to remember. My Mom told me that

she and Dad liked to decorate the mantel over the fireplace, with yew


I always feel there is a sense of wonder, magic and celebration in the air!


2nd~  New Moon

“To have a project prosper, start it during the new moon.” Old Farmer’s

Almanac, 2013.

Hanukkah which started on November 28, 2013 lasts eight days. This

would mean that (I think) it would end on December 5, 2013, counting

the beginning day.

7th~  Pearl Harbor Day

Remembering the bombing of Pearl Harbor and how sad we felt when

our own “territory” was attacked.

12th~  National Poinsettia Day

While in Mexico, U.S. Minister Joel Roberts Poinsett (who died on this day


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Happy Black Ops Friday!


The Return of the Modern Philosopher

top secretGood morning, Modern Philosophers!

Hope you are all recovering from your Thanksgiving food comas, and are now ready to get on with your lives.

I have a feeling that some of you have been up for hours already to take advantage of today’s holiday.

As you know, today is Black Ops Friday, the day when we recognize the accomplishments of those who work in a clandestine manner to keep our country safe.

Spies, field agents, handlers, CIA employees…they do so much for us, but they can never receive the acknowledgment they deserve.  There will never be a ticker tape parade held in their honor.  He can never walk up to a beautiful woman at a bar and earn her affection simply by impressing her with stories from “the office”.  She can never tell her kids that when she’s not shuttling them to soccer practice, she’s out saving the world.


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