(I gotta come up with fancier titles!-J.C.)


A Site Manager came to me,

Commenting that I must be…

Pleased with this work

And love to lurk

At that place constantly.

Did I really love this job?

I don’t wish to sound a snob…

It’s not all joy

At that employ,

It’s a way to earn a “bob”.

It once was “my site”,

With a wish to work it right…

The account was lost

And I bore the cost,

Of higher-ups with consideration “light.”

The uncertainty of when traffic comes,

Definitely sometimes bums…

Folks tend to flash by

When one’s eye

Is distracted by hearing different drums.

At this guard post you cannot sit down

For long, with traffic around…

To stand in the door

With regs to implore,

And directions to where trucks are bound.

The worse thing about all of this,

Depending on others to piss…

Bathrooms are over there

So schedule with care,

Leaving your post you can “kiss”!

(your job goodby!!!)


–Jonathan Caswell



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