Signs of an Upcoming “Hard” Winter



To determine through our natural world, whether or not we will have

a “hard” winter, I consulted Dick Goddard, meterologist and television

personality from Cleveland, Ohio. He is known in my parents’ cottage

town, Vermilion, Ohio as the man who created a wonderful Woolly Bear

caterpillar celebration! Thousands flock to this town in the Fall, check

out the websites on this and you will be amazed at the variety of “cute”

costumes that people will put on to look like a “woolly bear caterpillar,”

the ones with orangish-brown and black stripes.

The below list also can be found with illustrations by the illustrious

Dick Goddard. I will tell you that #5 and #11 are new to me!

I love the special mental pictures that #10 and #17 evoke.

1. Thicker than normal corn husks.

2. Woodpeckers share a tree. (Aww…)

3. Early arrival of the snowy owl.

4. Early departure of geese…

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