Most of you know my “success”

Is writing about self, more-or-less…

No one else can tell

What I do as well,

All part of the writing process.

That gate house temporary position

Was not so much imposition….

As discovery

Mission for me,

Familiar, yet a change in position.

From inside, the window’s a mirror,

Darkening things queerer…

My head profile

Didn’t make me smile,

The resemblance was not a “cheerer”.

That profile reminded me

Of orangutan or chimpanzee…

That shape of the head

Nobody’s said,

But obviously it was me!

But I know my wife loves me,

And the Lord does with certainty…

No one has said

That I’ve ever heard,

“He looks like a chimpanzee!”

‘Though some have treated me “special”

And others show little respect…

I’ve found a niche

To scratch an itch

In ways many people detect.

Did the appearance of my true profile,

Trouble me for a long while?

Apparently not

‘Cause the love that I’ve got

Truly makes me and others smile!  🙂


–Jonathan Caswell


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