Ice barely covers the pond,

May we get in training now(?)…

The water is cooler than it was

Do we wait until we yell “OW!”?

Let’s get in gradually,

And acclimate over time….

When we’re ready for the big plunge

Our bodies will think it less of a crime.

It’s not that we’re made of blubber,

Ignore that chuckling in back…

We just want to make it over the ice

Without extraneous cracks!

Let us start with a gradual descent

Into a heated pool…

Then jump in every week or so

Into water increasingly cool.


–Jonathan Caswell


8 thoughts on “A POLAR BEAR SWIM, ANYONE?

      1. Susannah Bianchi

        Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, and When Lilac Last in the Dooryard Bloomed, are my two favorites. Walt, who had to have such a hard time in his time, said…we shouldn’t be judgmental, but curious. A writer’s creed…:)


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