Living in the country

It is hard to survive…

Without transportation

Or a car to drive,

Getting her to appointments

Is easier by far,

When I can be her chauffeur

In our own car!

I’m thankful we can still afford

The little bug we own,

It’s always nice to have a friend

Who’ll get us all the way home…

I get to work most easily,

How much the city cost!

Sure glad we had a place to go

By the time that we were tossed!

I’m thankful for an auto shop

That lets me pay o’er time,

It cost a lot more this year

To which I am resigned…

Several hundred dollars

We still owe the man,

But hope we can go home this year

And pay him off, as planned.

It’s disconcerting to not trust

The wheels underneath,

We still need the rear brakes done

On our trusty steed…

Might have to wait until the time

When we can pay some more,

I’m cashing out vacation time

To settle this open score.


–Jonathan Caswell


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