Atheists and Muslims believe

That Christians are out to deceive…

A Baby Divine

Is out of line

With the “logic” they think should be!

To them and their kind,

The God-man is out of His mind…

He does not exist,

His believers twist

His words because they are blind.

Christians in God believe

That God through a Baby achieved…

Infiltration of Man

Just as planned

To live and die for their need.

Atheists and others try

To point out discrepancies as to why…

Bibles can’t be trusted

And belief busted,

That the thing is just a big Lie.

Then they pick and choose

Which verses they want to lose…

And do not question

Their own suggestions

Of how Scripture should be used.

When the Bible speaks plainly, they ignore it,

When they see an advantage they “floor it”…

Uneducated folk

Get caught in the spokes,

Of spinning prejudice at the core of it.

The Bible says man’s logic is of fools,

And how defaming Bibles makes them drool!

By saying the same old thing

Indiscrete ears ring,

The undiscerning will be caught in stagnant pools.

Unbelievers always will hate

And try to class as reprobate…

The God who came as man

To achieve His saving Plan,

Believers must endure this hate with grace.


–Jonathan Caswell

This poem was inspired by an article at:



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