“Malt-O-Meal” saves the day

With “more for less” in pay…

They make their dough

In bulk, you know,

Driving money blues away!

Paper plates hold enough snack

To make anyone’s lips smack…

Cereal and chips

Go between lips

That might want to consume a stack!


–Jonathan Caswell


2 thoughts on “VACATION FEED

  1. reocochran

    I enjoy snacking so much more around the holidays with all the treats, but I do occasionally indulge in a breakfast food for a sweet treat, too! Malt-O-Meal was my Dad’s favorite one, then a close second was Cream of Wheat with a big dollop of brown sugar, a small bit of butter and some cream or milk added to it. He loved both with lumps included! I later on, made a smooth batch and I did not enjoy it as much! I guess chomping on lumps of those two treats really added something! Smiles, Robin


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      My wife began fretting about the lumps—found out she liked and missed having grits—and I told her they were special flavor nuggets. I’m not sure she believed me or thought I was serious…was I? 🙂



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