We heard from my family again,

The first since who knows when…

The kids are all fine,

Each in their line

And sister-in-law writes like a friend.

She and my brother have an empty nest,

Awaiting life’s further test…

She’s home with “the boys,”*

He’s in Illinois

Working on their behest.

Last time I heard from Nate

He had contracting in my state…

But except long weekends

His job depends

On taking opportunities on the plate.

So what can we write to them?

Our separate efforts have been…

Rather mis-cued

And poorly viewed,

But together we’ll manage a spin!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Nancy writes that “the boys” are two dogs and a cat, at home with her!


4 thoughts on “WHAT DO WE SAY?

    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      We will!! But it will be easier to coordinate! And I’m sending along a copy of my one great accomplishment….besides this blog and 24 1/2 years of Christian marriage….my one published book of Christian poetry.



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