I’m bearded by default,

Not through a special gestalt…

The blades I got

Don’t hit the spot

And won’t fit the razors I bought!

It has gotten confusing,

Too much of this commercial abusing…

Making recondite*

Getting the right

Razor replacements for using.

With some many models

Of razors, when one waddles…

Through all the choices

Hearing those voices

That cast doubt in spades or full bottles.

How is it a replacement legit

When the blades don’t even fit…

No proper mounts

Aren’t worth an ounce

When convenience is the pits!

I have some unopened blades,

Perhaps with learning aids…

I’ll find the right handle

To hold a candle

To being clean-shaven Fridays.

–Jonathan Caswell

* recondite…to make mysterious

2 thoughts on “BEARDED BY DEFAULT

  1. kalabalu

    use disposable for a clean shave
    No matter how blades shine out
    never does it cuts and pulls ..yep
    your face does looks like a mistake new era why use blades ?
    use multi-edge razors with good case


  2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    WA-EL…these were multi-blade razors! Finding the right head to fit the handle was still too obtuse!
    Scrounged around this afternoon and found the OLD “Fusion” blade set and snapped THAT back in. Didn’t quite get all the “goat hair” off, but enough to be presentable at work.Thought I broke the old handle…so threw the Gillette Mach III. away…still having extra blades. So will buy another MACH III. kit, to have another option. I do normally keep some disposables on hand, that I use really hot water and skin-softening shave cream with. Long story…huh? 🙂



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