On “COAST-TO-COAST-AM” and such*

We’re hearing so very much…

About piracy

Of privacy,

And how closely we can be touched.

Facebook, Google and more,

Our intimate details explore…

To sell us stuff

That interest enough

To help their dividends soar!

My own experience with Yahoo

Made escape the clear thing to do…

Scads of lonely women

Ads in which I was swimming,

After I had changed my status to “Married”, too.

It’s not just the N.S.A.

That hopes to get away…

With making you

An object to view,

A toy with which to play!

A recent Olympic tidbit,

You do what you will with it…

Russian observation

Of showers’ conservation

Of water or not is viewed legit.

(by them)

Don’t know if it’s just the water flow,

Or filming showers–don’t know–

But cold water shivers

For peep show givers

Could well convince visitors not to go!

–Jonathan Caswell

* COAST-TO-COAST-AM  is available on many “I-HEART” Radio stations…as well as at .

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