(Tune: “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

I had another dream last night

With all its dirt and grime,

I dreamt I was back in Boy Scouts

But lost in the mists of time…

I was already an adult

Or so it seemed to me,

Being heckled all the time for what

I never could see.

My bully neighbors were in beds

Right next to mine,

With cameras and snide remarks

I was in firing line…

One managed to get me hitting him

To make a better case,

So I would be tossed right out

And denied my space!

We went over to showers

Past rats and evil folk,

The heckling never let up–

Until my spirit broke…

I splashed one guy and managed

To give my soap away,

The scenes kept changing onward til

Awakening into day!

I don’t know how I got in there

But my childhood comes to mind,

Needing to work out frustrations

To which I’m rarely blind…

That awareness to those being used

May come handy some day,

But I’m glad I woke up when I did

Before being sent away!

–Jonathan Caswell


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