(tune of “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV theme)


This is the story of Mephibosheth

Who was dropped by his nurse

After his Daddy’s death,

Raised in a home

Way down in “Loe-dee-bar”**

The son of Jonathan to be a star!

(Because of his father…he was redeemed!)


The next thing you know

This Jonathan’s boy

Was hidden away

So he wouldn’t be destroyed…

But then found grace

In the eyes of a king

Because of David, his praises would ring.

(Restored lands…and supper, too!)

For the sake of his Dad,

Mephibosheth was made to stay

At King David’s table

And not be sent away,

When David was forced to

Leave his kingly throne,

Mephibosheth mourned

Until David came home!

(Didn’t comb…a single hair.)


David came back to

His throne and concubines,

With Absalom gone

Everything was back in line…

Mephibosheth came and

Gave up all his land

Just welcome to David

To his land!

(Split the land..with a Ziba-man!)


Mephibosheth stayed

And had him a son,

He was redeemed for

What his Daddy’ed done…

David and Jonathan

Were the best of friends

And that is how this

Story ends!

(Faithfulness…paid on down!)

–Jonathan Caswell

* Story contained in the Old Testament Book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 4: Verse 4; Chapter 9: 1-13; 16:1-4; 19: 15, 24-30…nearly any translation or version of the Bible.

** Phonetic spelling (sounds like this!)

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