A ginger tabby cat,

I like them just like that…

A cat to purr

And run in a blur

Who knows where his/her dish is at!

–Jonathan Caswell


4 thoughts on “I LIKE REDHEADS!

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    My “Pusscat” and our Ginger Cat…both gone now…each had eyes like this! Balim Yalson Caswell–with whom I grew up–I’m not sure. He lost one eye early on to a another cat whose field our house was moved to and the other eye was so dialated in later years we could hardly tell.


  2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    Note: All our “girls” and Tippie Cat and Balim, who were “guys” were spayed or neutered cats…except Jessie…who couldn’t figure out our crazy cat family and slipped away during a rock-em sock-em blizzard! 🙂



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