Forestry Friday … The Critical Period



Critical Period means the time of year when the special timber operations practices set forth in these regulations are required to minimize nesting disturbance to a species of special concern.

-California Forest Practice Rules

Forestry, Northern Goshawk, goshawk, protection This Northern Goshawk fledgling was ready to take me on.

Species of Special Concern include Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Northern Goshawk, Osprey, and Peregrine Falcon.  Species of Special Concern are not the same as Threatened and Endangered Species.  T and E species rise to a much higher standard of protection.  They are protected under rules originating from the Endangered Species Act.  

When a nest site of a Species of Special Concern is identified in a timber harvest plan area, a buffer zone is established around it.  The buffer zone sizes differ according to the species.  The critical period is based on the nesting season for that particular species of bird.  No…

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